Trekking to Plaza de Mulas 8 days

Mount Aconcagua Base Camp

(4300 m.a.s.l.)

Penitentes + Confluencia camp + Plaza Francia + Plaza de Mulas base camp

The Best of the Expedition

Private departures

This activity can also be taken in private way. This means that you choose the departure date and you share it only with your fellow partners. The cost is higher than the scheduled treks. If you are interested, please ask us about our private treks.


The standar price is USD 1390 per person, but you may take advantage of this early booking offer:


USD 1250*

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*The early booking price is subject to availability at the moment of booking, please consult us before booking.

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(Height in feets – meters as sea level)
B: Breakfast / L: Lunch / PL: Packed Lunch / D: Dinner included.

Day 1:Mendoza City (2508 f / 760 m)
Balance payment, equipment checking and assistance for renting equipment.

Day 2: Mendoza City (2508 f / 760 m) – Penitentes (8992 f / 2900)
Obtaining of entrance permits, private transportation to Penitentes, lodging, and preparing of loads for the mules.

Day 3: Horcones (8992 f / 2900 m) – Confluencia (10890 f / 3400 m)
Trek to Plaza de Mulas Base Camp. Lodging in the base camp. (B, PL, D)

Day 4: Confluencia / Plaza Francia (13200 f – 4000 m) / Confluencia
Trek to Plaza Francia, base of the south face of the Mount Aconcagua, lunch and return to Confluencia. (B, PL, D)

Day 5: Confluencia / Plaza de Mulas base camp (14058f-4260m)
Trek to Plaza de Mulas Base Camp. Lodging in the base camp. (B, PL, D)

Day 6: Plaza de Mulas base camp (14058 f – 4260 m)
Resting day. Short trek in the area and visiting the Refugio Plaza de Mulas Hotel. (B, L, D)

Day 7: Plaza de Mulas base camp (14058 f – 4260 m)
Resting day. Short trek in the area and visiting the Refugio Plaza de Mulas Hotel. (B, L, D)

Day 8: Plaza de Mulas base camp/ Puente del Inca / Mendoza
Descent to Puente del Inca. Drive to Mendoza. (B, PL)

Departure dates

Starting Date - Day 1Final Date – Day 8
18 Nov25 Nov
21 Nov28 Nov
28 Nov05 Dec
01 Dec08 Dec
05 Dec12 Dec
12 Dec19 Dec
19 Dec26 Dec
28 Dec04 Jan
03 Jan10 Jan
09 Jan16 Jan
16 Jan23 Jan
23 Jan30 Jan
30 Jan06 Feb
06 Feb13 Feb
13 Feb20 Feb
All departure dates are 100% guaranteed.

Mount Aconcagua

Plaza de Mulas hotel – Refugio Plaza de Mulas – Aconcagua


Assistance to buy the climbing permits

Mount Aconcagua is located in a provincial Park, managed by the Government of Mendoza. To get into the Park you should get a permit, in accordance to the activity that you are going to participate in (climbing, long trek, short trek). This working paper must be done personally, as a government rule. That is why each passenger should go to the Park’s office with their own passport.

Trekking Plaza de Mulas

Luggage care

If you wish to leave certain personal belongings that you are not going to use during your Aconcagua expedition, you can count on the best security of the hotel of your expedition for leaving your personal effects. You will also be able to leave your possessions in Penitentes/Puente del Inca or in Base Camp.

Trekking Plaza de Mulas

Transfer Mendoza / Puente del Inca / Mendoza

A private transfer will pick you up from your hotel and take you to Puente Del Inca. We will drive over 180 kilometers, which separate Mendoza City from Puente Del Inca. The scenery on the journey is one of the most spectacular landscapes in the central Andes. The return to Mendoza city may be in a line bus depending on the final number of people in the group.


On the trekking you will enjoy all the meals (B: breakfast / L: lunch / P.L: packed-lunch if you are on the move / D: dinner), which are carefully planned by professionals to have a balanced diet during those days on the mountain. The cooks always prepare every meal, with fixed menu. You will enjoy tasty and large portions of very good meals. If you are vegetarian, celiac, lactose intolerant or you need any other special menu, please let us know in the reservation form.

Lodging in Penitentes/Puente del Inca

During the Inca Empire this spot was a strategic point for the crossing of the Andes mountain. Over the last years it has become the point of departure of every expedition, whose aim is to get the summit of Mount Aconcagua. The Hotel was built here, it is located in this strategic zone, five kilometers far from the Mount Aconcagua Park trailhead. You will spend one night in this beautiful place at the beginning of your expedition in shared rooms with a private toilet. Complete breakfasts and dinners in the restaurant of the hotel are also included. Our private transfer will take you to the Aconcagua Park entrance.

Load mules

These strong animals were the ones that helped the armies that fought for the freedom of South America, to transport their belongings over the mountains. Mules move over mountain with great caution, having the possibility to carry big loads. The negative aspect of these animals is their untamed character. That is why we have selected a professional team of muleteers, called “arrieros”, who have dedicated their lives to the country animals. They know how to deal with these animals, because of their experience. From Puente Del Inca to Confluencia, from this camp to Plaza de Mulas, and in the return your belongings will be carried by mules. Each mule can carry up to a limit of 60 kg, and every client may transport on the mules a maximum of 30 kg on each stage of the approach. We strongly recommend you to bring a strong duffel bag.

Confluencia Camp

While you are gaining height, your body needs some time to start with the process of acclimatization. Therefore, it is extremely important to stop for two nights at an intermediate level, to help your body to start with this process. During that time, you will camp in the Confluencia campsite, which has the enough comfort to spend a good deal of time, being fully equipped.

mountain guide per every four climbers. The guide’s equipments include a VHF radio, first aid kit with specific medications for altitude sicknesses, ropes, altimeter, digital oxymeter and proffessional clothing and equipments. Medicines will be provided after the aproval of the doctors of Park Aconcagua. All of this is necessary for your safety and well being.

Trekking Plaza de Mulas – Normal Route

Trekking in the area

You will make a short trek at the area to know the Plaza de Mulas base camp, the Hotel Refugio Plaza Mulas, Park Rangers and the glaciers around.

Bedroom tents

All resting nights take place in comfortable bedroom tents dome with truckle beds or in bedroom tents for two people, which are already settled on the camp. This is a good way to save strengths without pitching and taking down tents from one camp to another.


We take advantage of the VHF and BLU radio lines that help us to stay in contact between the high-altitude campsites, Plaza de Mulas, Confluencia, Puente del Inca and Mendoza. Therefore, we can respond almost instantaneously to whatever issue that may arise.

Participation Certificate

We will extend you a certificate signed by the Guide of the expedition certifying that you have participated in the Plaza de Mulas base camp expedition (or reached the Mt. Bonete´s summit if that happened).

Trekking to Plaza Francia

On the 2nd day of the trekking, you will visit the base of the mythical South Face of the Aconcagua mountain. This is the most vertical face of the mountain, with glaciers and walls almost 3000 meters tall. During that trekking, you will gain 700 meter that will give your body a sign that the acclimatization process is starting.

Trekking Plaza de Mulas – Normal Route

Plaza de Mulas Base Camp

Once you have arrived at Plaza de Mulas, you will spend nights in the campsite. It´s fully prepared to make the trip around the magnificent South American mountain as comfortable as possible. There are tents for eating, kitchen, equipment storage. Toilets are available too. An excellent team of people will attend you, preparing delicious meals and providing you an excellent service. The advantages of the campsite are not only its commodities, but also the direct contact with nature.

Trekking Plaza de Mulas – Ruta Normal

Our Guides (See more information about them)

The guides in charge of the expedition are professionals who have obtained their degree from the AAGM or the EPGAMT (2 and 3 year carreers). We believe that one of the keys for having a successful expedition is to count on people who have the best qualifications and at least 5 years of experience in Aconcagua to provide safety and trek across the paths of nature with conviction and professionalism. Our expeditions are leadered by professional mountain guides all throughout the journey, ensuring better communication, safety and walking pace according to the group. The guide’s equipments include a VHF radio, first aid kit with specific medications for altitude sicknesses, ropes, altimeter, digital oxymeter and proffessional clothing and equipments. Medicines will be provided after the aproval of the doctors of Park Aconcagua. All of this is necessary for your safety and well being.


Trekking Permit

The only way to enter the Aconcagua Park is by getting the permit personally in Mendoza city. If the ticket is not used within the dates established by the Park authorities, the money will not be returned. The ticket will be invalid in the future years. The entrance fee’s payment support the maintenance and care of Aconcagua Provincial Park and aid to preserve and protect it. It also supports the maintenance of the medical, the park rangers and the rescue service (Helicopter).

Expenses for giving up the expedition

In order to have better but cheaper services, the expedition is quoted taking into account the whole group. If you give up the scheduled itinerary because of personal problems, mountain sickness, etc, you start taking private services that may have additional costs.

Personal equipment and Sleeping bag

The personal gear you need for the trekking is not considered an included service, therefore you must provide it. You can either bring it from your country, or buy it or rent it in Mendoza city. Our guides will advise youwith this task. The list of this recommended gearis shown further on this page.


Extra expenses as food or drinks separate from those described in the itinerary, satellite phonecalls, transference fees,and other services not specified as included.

– 3 pairs of thick socks for cold (sky type)
– 2 pairs of comfortable trekking boots

– 1 pair of thick shelter pants
– 1 pair of rainproof pants
– 1 pair of comfortable long pants (trekking type)

– 2 synthetic underwear shirts
– 1 turtleneck of synthetic material
– 1 fleece jacket of alike
– 1 shelter jacket (down or synthetical)
– 1 rainproof jacket

– 1 pair of light inner gloves
– 1 pair of rainproof gloves for shelter (mitten type)
– Wet towels
– Sun cap or hat
– Shelter hat (wool or fleece)
– A good pair of sunglasses with UV filter

Expedition Gear:
– 1 Sunscreen
– Water bottles for a total of 3lts
– Sleeping mattress for high mountain
– Personal care elements
– Front lamp with extra batteries
– Sleeping bag for -20 °C

Technical equipment:
– 1 comfortable backpack of 60 liters or more
– 1 pair of telescopic poles
– 1 helmet

Technical difficulty: this activity does not present any technicaldifficulty; this means that the participants don´t require a previousclimbing experience on rocks or ice.

Physical difficulty: in order to avoid any kindof inconveniences in the program, we suggest you follow a program of training that isadapted to the activity that you are going to make.

Other types of difficulties: a situation that you can face on your expedition are the effects of the altitude onyour body. Anotherdifficulty are the low temperatures on the mountain, the effects ofwhich are reduced with a high-quality clothing and equipment.

To confirm the reservations, Acomara – AconcaguaExpeditions asks for a downpayment, we accept credit cards or banking transfers. To ensure the security of your information all credit cards transactions are handled by PayPal (your credit card information will never be required). The balance must be paid in Mendoza, before starting the expedition.

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Guaranteed Satisfaction and Cancellation Policy (Refunds)

In case you have to cancel or postpone your trek for any reason, our policy is to protect your money.
If you book with us, you may have a Flexible Booking, that in case you are not able to join your trek for any reason, allows you to cancel the services you have booked, even if you cancel the previous day of your arrival (writen confirmation by email is required for all cancellations). Only in case you cancel your services under these conditions, you will have an Available Credit (penalty fee apply, depending on the anticipation of your writen cancellation, from 30 days to 1 day prior to the 1st day of your program). Your Available Credit may be used for different services offered by Acomara in the following 2 seasons (100% transferable free of charge, it may be used by you or by any other person you want to transfer your credit to) or you may also request a REFUND (only 50% of your available credit, refunds will be made in the next 15 days after written request and they will exclusively be paid to the client’s paypal account, Acomara will pay paypal fees of all Refunds). At the moment of usage of credit, the current prices of the season when the new reservation is made will be taken as valid. In case you do not reach Plaza de Mulas for any reason (tiredness, bad weather, etc), you may have 25% OFF to try again in the following season (discounts will be applied from regular prices, subject to availability). Additional services may have special booking conditions.