Waste control

Mt Aconcagua 6962

The impact on the environment

Ascenso Aconcagua
Ascenso Aconcagua

With about 71,000 square hectares, the Aconcagua Park is situatedin the High Andean ecoregion and it is one of the 13 Protected Areas of the province of Mendoza. Three of these areas are in this region and four reserves protect part of this system. Some of the main basins which irrigate a big part of the farming lands of Mendoza are located in both, Aconcagua and its neighborarea Tupungato Provincial Park.

The Aconcagua region is one of the most visited places in the Andes, it is an irresistible attraction for worldwide mountaineers. Nearly 7000 visitors per season enter the park nowadays, and practically 3000 attempt the summit, that is why the responsibility to care and conservethis magnificent natural areais essential.

It is important to avoid the following:
– the deterioration of the landscape quality of the area,
– the appearance of rubbish dumps,
– the increase of noise and nuisance levels for indigenous fauna.

Waste Control

In all park ranger or service provider camps there are restrooms. Their use is mandatory, and those visitors who violate this regulation will be fined USD 100 which will have to be paid immediately. In case the person does not have the required cash, his/her equipment will be retained until the fine is paid.
All cams have sanitary services, either supplied by the service provider or by the ecological restrooms that can be rented in the park.

Each visitor to the park will be supplied with a numbered garbage bag upon entrance, which will have to be handed in to the park rangers on the way out with the corresponding trash.
Many service providers take responsibility for bringing down garbage themselves, and in this case they sign and stamp the admission permit of each customer assuming that responsibility.