Expedition loads on mules

Mules are animals which make the stay in the mountain more comfortable. These animals have been used for many years now to carry equipment due to the amount of equipment and food supplies climbers must transport, as well as the fact they must travel for approximately 15 days. Let us remember mules cannot carry more than 60 kilos per journey. Therefore, it is necessary to pack no more than 30 kilos per bundle to balance the mule (one bundle on each side).

Our Aconcagua mountain expeditions offer healthy mules and horses, which guarantee the safe arrival of people and equipment. In addition, it makes it possible to have a permanent supply of fresh fruits, vegetables and fresh food in the camps.

Muleteers are in charge of driving, taking care of, loading, unloading and preparing the mules. They are simple men who live in the mountain and are used to working with this type of animals. Each muleteer takes care of three mules, since a larger number would make his job difficult and the transport would not be as safe. If you speak Spanish it is advisable to talk with them, since they have been around the area for years and as they know it very well, they could give you some useful tips for your ascent.

We also offer people transportation on mules from and to the base camps of Aconcagua mountain and also guided horse-riding expeditions through the park. These are available for evacuations and rescues or any emergency that might come up 

Mules load – Aconcagua mountain