Why choose us?


Why should you put your expedition in our hands?

Our company, with more than 10 years of experience working with expeditions to mount Aconcagua, offers you:

SecurityWe know exactly how important, to carry on with a safe and reliable expedition is to you. That is why we have a team of guides (click here for further information about guides), full-experienced in expeditions and high mountain activities. They are very carefully selected and trained according to the international standards for mountaineering. Most of them have studied in the prestigious Escuela Mendocina de Guías de Alta Montaña y Trekking, EPGAMT,(Mendocinean School for High Mountain and Trekking Guides) in Mendoza, or they were subjected to a very strict exam by the Asociación Argentina de Guías de Montaña: AAGM, (Argentinean Association of Mountain Guides). There is a mountain guide every three climbers, allowing a perfect assistance to the group. If for any reason a member of the expedition needs to descend or to slow down, he/she will always be accompanied by one of our guides. Besides the regular equipment such as altimeter, ropes, ice axes, digital oximeter, etc., our expeditions are equipped with VHF Radios, satellite phone, and a very complete kit, including oxygen equipment. Greater chance of successWe understand and value very highly the effort you make (time, money, family) to organize an expedition to Aconcagua. That´s why we work very hard for you to achieve your goals. In this sense, we consider the acclimatization process is an essential factor for the success of your adventure. That is why, the expeditions are designed in such a way to reach the biggest possible degree of acclimatization before attacking the summit. For that reason we include one hotel night in Puente del Inca, two in Confluencia and five in Plaza de Mulas or Plaza Argentina base camps, (depending on the route of your selection). So, those people who are not very keen on mountaineering can also ensure the arrival to the summit by means of an adequate acclimatization. Remember also that we have two extra days for open expeditions and three extra days for private expeditions, to wait windows of good weather to the final way to the top. More Departure DatesWe offer a wide schedule of departures during the whole season. These dates are 100% confirmed, it means they will not be suspended for any reason, (except for an act of God or causes beyond our control like some force of nature). If we don´t happen to constitute the minimum number of members of an expedition the program will carry on without surcharges of any type, respecting the original itinerary and all the services included in the expedition.In view of the fact that we are a local company we are in conditions to offer a price more than accessible in all our expeditions. Besides, many of our costs have been reformulated after the devaluation our local currency suffered. The price-quality relationship of our services is higher up than the ones American or European companies may offer.


…with the Environment:the Aconcagua National Park is a nature reserve and the provision of all our services fulfill the rules and ecological care of it, with close collaboration of park rangers.…with the Community:our company collaborates with UNICEF Argentina, helping the most vulnerable children of our country with the work we carry on. We also help and collaborate with local schools and we support the children refuge Brazos Abiertos (Open Arms). In order to have further information about our community work click here. With us, your adventure helps the ones who need most! Protecting your investment If you make a deposit to confirm your participation in some of the expeditions and for any reason you must postpone it for another season, we keep your deposit for life (with the exception of a small percentage for administrative expenses). Besides, you can transfer this deposit to another person if you wish.

We have the most complete expeditions, with all the necessary services to guarantee the achievement of your goal and your dream.

Among other services, we offer you:

MulesNot only the group gear but also the personal gear will be transported by mules from Puente del Inca to Confluencia and from this base camp to Plaza de Mulas base camp or from Puente del Inca to Plaza Argentina (depending on the route you choose), and back. You will save strength to use later.Porters for common gear to altitude campsIn order to avoid you to make extreme efforts, porters (people who carry the group gear) are included. From Plaza de Mulas or Plaza Argentina base camps (according to the chosen route) to the altitude camps and back. We want you to focus your strength only in reaching the summit.Camps in all the routesYour stay in the base camps will be comfortable and safe. An excellent staff will provide you every single service you need during your process of acclimatization. The camps are equipped with bedroom tents, dining tents, cook tents, restrooms, and additional services like internet access.Nutritious and abundant mealsThe meals during the expedition have been carefully planned by nutritionists, calculating the calories per day, carbohydrates, taste and variety. We provide high altitude food, trek food, full board at base camps and we are able to solve any food plan in the mountain. We also have into account if you are a vegetarian or allergic to some food. The best equipmentIn all our expeditions you can enjoy our high quality bedroom tents for the altitude camps, using brands recognized worldwide like The North Face or Mountain Hardware. We supply a top-quality technical equipment, approved by the International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation, and acquired in the best specialized shops in the USA and Europe, reaching the best international standards for services.Extra daysIn case of delays due to bad weather or contingences two extra days will be added to the itinerary for open expeditions and three for private ones.Radial communication and rescuersThe contact via VHF and SSB (Single Side Band) radio among the altitude camps at Plaza de Mulas, Plaza Argentina, Confluencia, Puente del Inca and Mendoza, is permanent. All guides take VHF radios and keep a stable communication from any spot in the mountain with the base camps, the Rescue Patrol and Park Rangers. So the response before any contingence will be almost instantaneous.Luggage careIf you wish, you can leave your remaining luggage under our custody in Mendoza or Puente del Inca. Support in Mendoza City before and after the expeditionWe will help you in Mendoza City before the expedition (for ex. in case your luggage is lost by the airline) and after the expedition if you need medical assistance or any other procedures such as changing plane tickets, etc.Expedition Certificate We will give you a participation or summit certificate signed by the guide and confirming you participated in the expedition or that you reached the summit.....and many other services that you will find explained in a more exhaustive way in the description of our expeditions by clicking here.