Mt Aconcagua climb

A good logistic organization is vital for the success of your expedition. That is why it is very important to plan, to assign resources and to contract the corresponding services on time. It is essential to count on the adequate logistics, nothing must be left to chance, even the imponderables are able to be minimized if all possible details are taken into account.

An expedition toAconcagua usually requires to plan the following logistic services, among others:

– Transfers (from/to the airport and from Mendoza to Puente del Inca or Penitentes and vice versa).
– Accommodation both in Mendoza city and Puente del Inca or Penitentes.
– Purchase of Entry Permits in Mendoza City.
– Purchase of meals and gas in Mendoza City.
– Purchase or rental of equipment in Mendoza City.
– Local guide service. We highly recommend the services local guides offer, since theirknowledge of geography, weather, unforeseen events, etc. in many occasions makethe difference between reaching the summit or not. Besides, it could also mean to avoid an unfortunate incident (such as an accident or even death).
– Configuration of the communication equipments (necessary to request weather reports or to ask for help in case of emergency).
– Mule service from the entrance of the Park towards the base camps and vice versa (for further information, click here).
– Meal service in base camps.
– Porter service for personal gear.
– Organization of high altitude camps (selection of campsites,to pitch and to take down tents, preparation of foods, water supply, medical controls, etc).
– Information procedures (specially meteorological).
– Garbage disposal.

Nowadays many companies, just like ours, organize and provide all the necessary services to achieve a successful expedition (click here for additional information). Not only base camps offer an interesting infrastructure made up ofdining tents, showers, rest rooms, etc.,but also public and satellite telephone systemsand internet access.

The key is to plan and book all the necessary services in advance. It is definitelynot recommendedto leave this task once arrived in Mendoza, since the growing number of mountaineers who come from all around the world to climb the Aconcagua decreases the availability of services, mainly between December 20th to January 15th.

Besides you have the chance to contract for a guided expedition with us, in which all logistical issues are already solved. This allows you to focus only on the effortrequired by this traverse, leaving all concerning to the logistics of your expedition in our hands. Click here to see more about our guided expeditions.