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List of services

If you prefer to climb Aconcagua solo or with your friends but you don’t need a guided expedition, we may assist you in all your needs in Mendoza and in Aconcagua Park, by providing the best logistic services so that you can organize a complete expedition to Aconcagua.

  • Mules

    150 mules transport loads up/down all Aconcagua camps: Confluencia, Plaza de Mulas, Pampa de Lenas, Casa de Piedra and Plaza Argentina.
  • Food service

    Nutritious meals in Aconcagua base camps. You can have as many servings as you like. Vegetarian/celiac menu available. Toilets, potable water, electricity and camping area included.
  • Transfers

    • To Aconcagua Park
    • Mendoza / Penitentes
    • Mendoza / Puente del Inca
    • Airport / Hotel
  • Accommodation

    • Penitentes
    • Base Camp Tents
    • Base Camp Domes
    • Mendoza City
  • Mountain Guides

    Very high professional and legally authorized bilingual Aconcagua Mountain Guides. They carry radios, first aid kits, ropes, altimeters, oximeter, basic medicines, etc.
  • Porters (Sherpas)

    Our porters will transport 22lbs (10kg) or 44lbs (20 kg) from base camp to/from all altitude camps of the Normal/Polish Route.
  • Gear Rental

    Clearance in rental of expedition equipment (tents, stoves, etc.) and special discounts in personal equipment rental (clothes, crampons, etc.).
  • Personal Assistance

    Half days or full days of personal assistance in English/Spanish/French. 15 years of Aconcagua experience for obtaining entrance permit, preparing expeditions, renting or buying equipment in Mendoza.
  • Support

    After you return from your expedition, our customer support team will continue to assist you with your needs in Mendoza City.
  • Lost luggage assistance

    While the loss of baggage is a responsibility of the airlines, our Customer Support Staff will assist you in Mendoza for recovering it.
  • Luggage care

    Not only in Mendoza and Penitentes, but also in our luggage storage tents in base camps Plaza de Mulas and Plaza Argentina during your ascent.
More information or prices – Contact Us Please contact us for pricing and further Aconcagua information. If you already have your expedition itinerary, please send it to us so that we can help you by preparing a complete itinerary day by day, including the services you may need (meals, mules, porters, transfers, etc.). We will help you make an accurate and complete budget for your expedition.

Let us help you!

Count with our 15 years of knowledge and experience with no deceased registered to organize a successful Aconcagua Expedition. We also guarantee the availability of all services required for your Aconcagua expedition, so you save valuable time and spend your money only in the services that you know you will need. Let us help you and come here knowing that every day on Aconcagua is planned. CONTACT US


To confirm reservations Acomara | Aconcagua Expeditions asks for a prepayment of the total amount that can be paid by Credit Card with PayPal or Banking Transfer. To ensure the security of your information, all Credit Cards and electronic transfers are handled by PayPal, we will never ask for your Credit Card information. The balance must be paid in Mendoza, before starting the expedition. RESERVE NOW HERE!


We save your money for 2 years in case you cancel your reservation (no refunds available). All cancellations must be made in writing at least 20 days before the expedition starts for keeping a credit, otherwise the credit expires. Cancellations have a 10% penalty fee of booked service. This credit can be used for paying the balance of any service offered by Acomara | Aconcagua Expeditions. CONTACT US

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