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Aconcagua Expeditions

Mount Aconcagua information, climbs, treks and services in Mendoza – Argentina.

AconcaguaExpeditions.com is the most complete website with information and services to climb Mount Aconcagua Argentina.

Located at the foot of Aconcagua hike mountain, in Mendoza – Argentina, we provide you guided climbing and Trekking Aconcagua expeditions to Aconcagua with all services by Normal Route or Polish Glacier Route. Our team of guides is highly experienced in Aconcagua climbing expedition.

We can provide you complete logistic services to Aconcagua Mountain Expeditions (equipment, mules, porters, etc.)

Safety, higher chances of success, commitment to the environment and society, better food and equipment and permanent presence in the park are the hallmarks of our expeditions to climb Aconcagua mountain.

The team of ACOMARA – Aconcagua Expeditions is waiting for you.


(22.840 ft – 6.962 masl)