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Mount Aconcagua information, climbs, treks and services in Mendoza – Argentina.


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In Acomara they showed me that they are not only a serious company, but also a human group full of values and empathy. I will surely continue recommending them.

Linda Harris

Thanks to all the Acomara staff, they were really aware of me from the first moment I contacted them. Infinite thanks for having been in all the details of my expedition. My success is shared with you. 

Ryan Dest



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We developed special safety procedures to implement during the next season due to COVID-19. Find out more here.

Aconcagua Expeditions

We offer guided climbing and Trekking to Aconcagua with all services included, by Normal Route, Polish Glacier Route, or several variants. Since 1998, we stay as a solid company with a website with information and services to climb Mount Aconcagua, Argentina. is located in Mendoza- Argentina, at the foot of Mount Aconcagua.

Our hotel in Penitentes has all the comforts and facilities to finalize the details of your expedition.

We are convinced of the importance of communications today. That is why all our Expeditions are monitored and communicated with the highest technology. Even in Confluencia and the highest camps, our staff is equipped with satélite pones with no cell phone signal. In this way we keep everybody informed at all times about the news of all our Expeditions.

Why to climb with us?

We are the biggest Aconcagua Company and one of the oldest local companies. We are focused on safety and customer satisfaction, commitment to our environment, helping climbers worldwide to have an unforgettable life experience. Some of our highlights are the following.

  • Socially responsible
  • Integrated with the local community
  • Best Guide ratio
  • Over 1000 successful Expeditions
  • Legally authorized company
    100% Summit success rate in 42 open Expeditions on the season 2019/20
  • Customer Support 24/7
  • Best Base Camps Services
  • Strong Logistics at all camps
  • Own infrastructure, even at high camps
  • More than 150 mules
  • Own lodging in Penitentes
  • 1st in safety

We are planning Expeditions to Aconcagua since 1998: this is more than 23 years of experience in Aconcagua climbing.

How to climb aconcagua


You can start by reading our content about Aconcagua, especially about the climbing routes, the base camps, the weather, the acclimatization process and watching the video testimonies.

You will find this on the menu.


Are you already thinking of climbing Aconcagua? You can see our expeditions, trekkings and logistics services. We will be happy to advise you on getting started, just let us know by email or WhatsApp.

In the meantime, we recommend investigating basic training, what equipment is necessary, nutrition and park permits.

I'm ready to climb

Climbing Mount Aconcagua in Mendoza is a wonderful experience that you will never forget. We are the best company to accompany you on your expedition, in whatever mode you choose to climb.

You can choose an open expedition with climbers from all over the world or choose to build your own group with your friends or family (this is what we call a private expedition). Our expeditions and trekkings solve almost all your needs so that you can focus on the preparation and enjoy the climb.

However, if you want to climb solo, we can also offer you individual services, mules, porters, meals and many other logistic services.

Enviromental Care

From Acomara, we are very committed to caring for the environment. If you are going climbing Aconcagua, please try not to take garbage with you and keep your waste with you until you can properly dispose of it.

  • Provides the best Aconcagua service without neglecting the environment in any of its aspects.
  • Constant care of the facilities of the Park and the different camps
  • Management and judicious use of natural resources at all levels
  • Absolute and non-negotiable respect for all laws that protect our environment.
  • We transport the garbage generated by our expeditions (and in many cases expeditions outside our company) with our mules.
  • All the team members are committed to cleaning and caring for the environment, not only in our Base and high-altitude camps but also throughout the Aconcagua Park Employing porters to remove all human waste from the mountain in helicopters out of the Park for disposal.
  • We take care of our mules with specialized veterinarians and make sure they have long breaks and adequate food.

Climbers also want to know

Fast ascent or extended itinerary to climb Aconcagua?

The 12+2 days expedition is recommended for climbers who want to make a fast ascent and are definitely well trained and acclimatized. Designed for all those who don't have much time and are ready to prove themselves against a more challenging itinerary, this is a good choice. It's available by the Normal route only.

We recommend extended itineraries due the extra days of acclimatization increase the chances to reach the summit without expending more money. The services in extended or fast itineraries are the same (transfers, mules, porters, guides, etc.), so the price is equal in extended or fast itineraries.

Aconcagua Expedition or Aconcagua Trek?

One of the main doubts our passengers have is choosing between an Expedition Vs. a Trek. Aconcagua Expedition has all the challenge and adrenaline that an experienced climber hopes to obtain by climbing one of the seven summits.

On the other hand, although challenging, the Aconcagua trek gives you the possibility of enjoying the experience more but without taking you to such a high level of demand, as if the Aconcagua expeditions do.

Whether you choose Aconcagua expeditions or a trek, we will make sure your experience is unforgettable.

Normal Route or 360 Polish Glacier Traverse?

There are no significant differences in technical difficulty between both routes.

The 360 Polish Glacier Traverse route (also called Two Faces or False Polish route) is much less traveled, with better views. As it takes more days to arrive at Base Camp, the acclimatization is more gradual, but it is a little colder, and as it is longer, it takes more time and energies to arrive at Base Camp Plaza Argentina. Through 360 Polish, you will know the Tow Faces of Mt. Aconcagua.

The Normal route is a little easier, offering in a certain way more possibilities to reach the summit, especially in the Extended itinerary (18+2 days). Still, it is not a big difference anyway. This option also offers the opportunity to reach 2 summits instead of one: Mt. Bonete (16702ft/5091m) + Mt.Aconcagua (22834ft/6962m).

Open expeditions or private expeditions?

Aconcagua climb in Open and Private expeditions are very similar and have almost the same services. The main characteristics of private expeditions are that you choose the date of departure. You have your guides, which is very important. They will provide you with vital information and security and ensure a harmonized rhythm in your climbing of Mt. Aconcagua; you will have a more flexible itinerary want to go slower or faster. Some specific services may be prepared in private, like water microfilters MSR MiniWorks EX, solar panels to recharge batteries, solid waste containers, and other specifics. In short, whatever option you choose to climb Mount Aconcagua, you will be satisfied.

Why the Aconcagua climb is a challenge?

Climbing Mount Aconcagua with our expeditions are made walking; we may have to use crampons for safety reasons during the summit day; depending on the route's conditions, we can walk on snow or ice. In the base camp, we practice with crampons by going to the Horcones glacier, which does not have any difficulty. Climbers don't require previous climbing experience on rocks or ice; we don't do that. Statistically, the highest probability of reaching the summit is for people between 45 and 60 years old. They have more significant mental strength than young people and better manage the anxiety of reaching the summit. Anyway, that does not mean that it does not require substantial effort. It is essential not to be very overweight, but the key to success is mental strength. We believe that it will not be our legs that take us to the summit, but our mental strength will allow us to reach the summit of Aconcagua, enjoying every step, without any hurry.

Are differences in the gear for both routes?

The only and small difference is that you usually bring the ice axe for route 360 Polish Traverse Route; the rest of the equipment is the same. The Polish Direct Route that goes through the middle of the Polish Glacier requires ice climbing equipment. This option is available only on a private expedition.

What are the weather conditions?

Although the weather conditions are unpredictable, we usually have the best weather conditions in the High season to reach the summit for climbing Aconcagua. 91% of our expeditions reached the summit in the High season during the last 12 seasons. On the other hand, during the High season, we will find seven times more people in the Park than Low season, and the permit entrance fee increases around USD 200. On Low season 87% of our expeditions reached the summit in the last 12 years. In the last season, we exceeded our record, and we are the record of the entire Park, 100% summit success rate, which means all of our 42 open expeditions reached the summit in the 2019/20 season.