Rescue Team

Climbing Aconcagua

In Aconcagua (Argentina), as in any mountain this size, there is a rescue team in charge of helping with any risky situation related to a medical emergency or an evacuation. This task is performed by the rescue team of the Mendoza Police Department. Its goal is to safeguard the lives of the visitors on the Normal Route from Plaza de Mulas to the summit and to take them to the medical service of the Administration of Natural Resources from where the evacuation is coordinated to the park exit. 

The routes on the South wall and on the Polish Glacier are not included in the regular coverage of the patrols since they are considered high risk; therefore, those climbers who choose them must take all the necessary precautions in case of an emergency. Anyway, the park rangers constantly monitor what is happening on these routes in VHF, 24 hours a day.

Rescue team – Climbing Aconcagua Argentina

Many people participate in the rescue operations such as park rangers, guides and other climbers as patrol assistants, due to the danger of descending a sick person from the altitude camps, mainly due to the geography of this park and the long distances between the different camps. Climbers must be aware that even if there is a rescue team, they should not take unnecessary risks beyond their strength. Help may take several hours to arrive as long as they receive the corresponding warning.

This is why we recommend maximum care and caution to avoid problems.

Nobody has the right to risk his life and, even less, that of the members of the rescue team.

Permanently monitoring for emergencies: radio frequency 142.8 MHZ FM.