Information about Aconcagua height

A Small 8000

Aconcagua mountain, stage of uncommon stories and of great epics of courage and heroism, also discloses vanity and fear. In this demanding environment man revels himself as he is; there is no room for deceit.

Aconcagua mountain is the highest mountain in the American continent, and this is why it is known worldwide, although its reputation is mainly due to its wonderful climbing attractions. According to what some international expert climbers who have climbed the Himalayas say, the almost seven thousand meters of Aconcagua mountain represent psychologically and physically the ascent to an 8.000 meter high mountain. This is due to some known as well as unknown reasons

In the Himalayas there is vegetation up to 5000 meters, whereas in the Central Andes plant life exists up to 3500 – 4000 meters. The relative humidity of the environment is very low, and the thickness of the atmospheric layers in this part of the world accounts for these effects. In addition, in Aconcagua mountain, at the same altitude as in the Himalayas, there is less oxygen and the winds generate low-pressure areas that intensify these effects. 

It is important to note that the base camps from where the ascent starts are at over 4000 meters above sea level.

These factors, added to long uninhabited distances, the general desert-like aspect and the isolation from any kind of help, undoubtedly bear important consequences on human beings. All this contributes to making Mt Aconcagua an adequate ground for measuring strength and training to ascend mountains over 8000 meters. It constitutes, therefore, an excellent stage where climbers can be completely at ease and fulfill many big sports expectations.

At present mountain climbing is a game, a game of fantasy, where expertise, physical fitness, experience, ethics and determination come together. Mountains as climbing goals only exist in man’s mind, in his fantasy.

Most of the mounts in the USA and Europe are not as high. 

This explains why American and European climbers who are not used to these conditions disregard signs of danger. For a European climber it means starting the ascent from the summit of Mont Blanc.

The ascent is conceived as a problem to which a playful solution is looked for. The Stone Sentinel, a hieratic pyramid for the Inca centuries ago, still keeps mysteries, and its magnificent silhouette catches the dreams of many climbers.