Learn about the nutritious food and hydration needs for the Aconcagua ascent

Your search for the best nutrition and hydration for the Aconcagua ascent ends here.   You will be burning over 10,000 calories on the day you reach the summit. The immense need for energy for climbing the high altitude of nearly 7,000 meters. Above 4,500 meters of sea level, you will need over 7,000 calories to go up every day until reaching the summit. Hence you need to know the right food and hydration for trekking Aconcagua. If you are one to know how to climb Aconcagua with the right diet, it is 65% carbohydrates, 15 % proteins, and 20% fats combination. Also, drinking around five liters of water will only help you have the essential hydration to reach the summit. So, check out the right nutritious food even a few days before climbing Mount Aconcagua to fulfill your dream of one of the toughest challenges for anyone to achieve. Why is nutritious food essential for climbing Mount Aconcagua? People need to eat nutritious food with a special diet as per the body’s requirement to excel in any sporting activity. And one of the most adventurous sporting activities is climbing Mount Aconcagua, which needs unique nutritious food and hydration. To do a climbing activity for over ten to 12 hours a day for nearly 20 days is a Himalayan or Aconcagua task to be successful. Aconcagua is the second highest mountain, only to the Himalayas, at 6962 meters above sea level. Even climbing mountains with two or three thousand meters is a tough task. And it gets tougher above 4 500 meters needing more calories. But also, overeating may make you feel tired, exhausted, and lazy to climb the steep altitude of Aconcagua ascent. Hence knowing the right food to eat is essential for completing the Aconcagua trekking to be safe and successful. What are the nutritious foods and drinks to have during the Aconcagua ascent? Only the food gives you the energy to climb Mount Aconcagua without getting tired or having any mountain illnesses to descend back without accomplishing the task. The body’s biggest muscle, the thighs, needs the maximum strength as it helps the climbing traction. Also, the thoracic cavity muscles are active because of hyperventilation, a typical height exercise. You also need to carry your backpack with the required food and liters of water to make you more tired while climbing steep altitudes. Hence there should be meticulous planning and preparation before the expedition to overcome the nutrition and hydration challenges. The food should be easy to digest and light to carry as heavy foods become a burden for climbing Mount Aconcagua. A few food and hydration recommendations for Aconcagua ascent are safe and easy. 

  • Dried pasta and spaghetti are simple and easy to cook, and combined with olive oil or cream contribute to carbohydrates and lipids.
  • Olives, peanuts, cheese, and salts, are some of the best appetizers to give the essential energy for climbing Mount Aconcagua.
  • For climbing above 6,000 meters of sea levels, the best food is mashed potatoes with enough calories for easy assimilation.
  • Diluted bouillon cubes and quick-cooking soups with bread, butter, marmalade, honey, cookies, pudding, milk, energy bars, etc., are ideal for any time throughout the expedition.
  • Apart from 3 to 5 liters of water, it is essential to have boiled sweets, juice mixes, cocoa, lemonade, tea, and isotonic drinks with plenty of carbs ideal for hydration.
 The nutritious and hydration facts will surely help you complete your Aconcagua ascent safely, easily without hassles, and successfully.