7 special arrangements for short trekking in Aconcagua

If you worry about climbing to the summit of the colossus of America, Aconcagua Argentina, you can go up to Mt. Bonete, which is the most beautiful part of it. Aconcagua trekking up to 5000 meters above sea level could be the stepping stone for you to go up to the summit later. Also, it could boost your confidence to go to Everest in the Himalayas, the highest mountain other than Aconcagua. Even climbing part of South America’s highest peak and considering the seven summits is a rare achievement, even for seasoned climbers. And not to forget, enjoying nature at its best while fulfilling part of the adventure dream comes to reality. So, check out the trekking Aconcagua arrangements from Penitentes, Confluencia, Plaza Francia, Plaza De Mulas, and Mt. Bonete. Why is trekking Aconcagua up to 5000 meters above sea level worth the expedition? It is challenging for new mountaineers or even seasoned climbers to go up to the summit of Aconcagua, which is 6962 meters or 22,837 feet altitude. It needs a lot of practice, training, and experience to climb shorter altitudes than it is to risk the about 20-day adventure in Aconcagua. Hence professional and experienced expedition companies offer trekking Aconcagua up to 5000 meters or Mt. Bonete. It helps to know the challenges like mountain illnesses, physical capability, and others to reach the summit the next time. Also, the risks involved in climbing only part of the maximum altitude will boost the confidence and preparedness for the dream of going up to the top of Mount Aconcagua easily and safely. What are the arrangements made by the best expedition companies for Aconcagua trekking? There are many arrangements made by the best expedition companies for Aconcagua trekking to reach up to Mt. Bonete, which is nature’s lap, to enjoy magnificent views and stunning scenery to never forget in life. A few of the arrangements include. 

  1. The four-day Aconcagua trekking has both private and scheduled departures, of which the private treks cost more than scheduled ones.
  1. Help to buy the climbing permits through the Mendoza government insists on personal appearance with a passport and doing the paperwork as per rules.
  1. Provide high-security luggage care that is not essential to carry up to Mt. Bonete in the Penitentes base camp.
  1. Arrange vehicular traffic for 180 kilometers up to Puente Del and back to Mendoza to enjoy the spectacular landscapes of Mount Aconcagua.
  1. Provide balanced diet food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner planned by tasty and nutritious professionals, with special menus for vegetarian, lactose, celiac intolerance, and others.
  2. Arrange for mules to transport most of the supplies like food, fuel, and others for the trekkers to carry only the essentials in their backpacks for easy and safe trekking Aconcagua
  1. Send guides with over two to three years of experience and have degrees from AAGM or EPGAMT, equipped well with first aid medicines, VHF radio, digital oximeter, etc.
 The above arrangements and more will surely help you to enjoy your Aconcagua trekking up to 5000 meters in elevation to Mt. Bonete to be ready to make the future summit dream a reality sooner than later.