10 top things to consider before booking climbing companies for a successful Aconcagua ascent

You are in the right place to knock the heaven’s door of reaching the top of the fatal beauty of South America’s highest mount Aconcagua. As legendary mountaineer Sir Edmund Hilary said, it is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves, Aconcagua ascent to the summit is about overcoming our fears and challenges. Though no proper records are maintained for those reaching the summit, estimates confirm that only 30 to 40% of the mountaineers climbing Aconcagua reach the summit. It is why there are many experienced Aconcagua climbing companies to help you make your dream of reaching the summit a reality. But you have to choose the best among professional climbing companies to increase your chances of reaching the summit successfully. So, check out the many things to consider before booking the climbing companies to make climbing Aconcagua cheap and safe. Why do you need the best climbing company support for the Aconcagua ascent? Aconcagua is the pride of Argentina and the alluring daughter of nature to be the seven summits of all the seven continents. The eyes of the Andes mountains though not technical as the only next highest mountain Himalayas, pose great dangers as it is one of the deadliest mountains. The weather is unpredictable and could be brutal, for even seasoned mountaineers have to descend back to base. But it is also the highest non-technical mountain to reach easily via the normal route to enjoy the natural beauty at its best to remember for a lifetime. And to do that, apart from fulfilling the adventure dream, you need the services of the best climbing company. Ten things to consider before booking climbing companies for the Aconcagua ascent Since several experienced climbing companies render their services for safe climb Aconcagua cheap, you need to consider the following things before booking the best one. 

  1. Should make all arrangements in Mendoza, including the training, practice, accommodation, nutritious food, travel, and others, to be ready for the toughest adventure of climbing Mount Aconcagua.
  1. Assist in getting the climbing permits and getting into the provincial park from the Mendoza government, which has strict rules for giving them
  1. Explain all the rules and regulations that need to follow during the expedition, like the fines of hundred dollars for violating them
  1. Hep to get the lost luggage on arrival at Mendoza as they may include vital equipment and essential supplies for the adventurous expedition
  1. Take care of the valuable luggage left behind in Mendoza or in Penitentes base camp to leave for the expedition only with a backpack of essential requirements.
  1. Provide nutritious food and hydration needs for all the twenty days of the climbing Mount Aconcagua or the four days short trekking trips
  1. Arrange mules for transporting essential supplies along with muleteers for managing them for safe carrying of the things
  1. Arrange for porters to carry tents, garbage, first aid kids, and others for easy climbing without the burden to carry them
  1. Provide proper tents to wither off the harsh weather conditions and take rest throughout the arduous journey
  2. Have experienced and licensed guides with vast knowledge about the mount Aconcagua and its beauty and dangers to enjoy and be safe during the expedition
 Only the best climbing companies will provide everything to climb Aconcagua cheaply and safely.