Infallible training for Aconcagua

Never think that you will not be able to climb Aconcagua. What to keep in mind is that you are going to need a lot of physical and mental training.Your personal equipment must be the one indicated in every sense, we cannot have any doubts during the expedition because unfortunately by that time it will be too late. The boots have to be the right ones, imagine that you are wearing boots that do not protect you enough from the cold or snow. Or that they just make you hurt when you walk, you don’t need to suffer a serious injury because of your boot. As long as it only generates a blister in the critical place on your foot, you can say goodbye to reaching the highest peak in the world, outside the Himalayas.The boots can be double or triple, under no reason, reason or circumstance should they be single or ski boots. Because if we have those boots, we will surely freeze our feet before we know it.No matter how expensive the boot is, simple boots are not suitable for Mount Aconcagua.The dry climate will force us to drink a lot of water during the expedition, which seems simple, but believe me it is not.Approximately you should drink 5 liters of water per day, it is not difficult if you are in the desert or on the beach with 35 degrees of heat Climbing Aconcagua But at 6000 meters high, with cold and hostile weather, you will see that it is much more difficult to be able to drink 5 liters of water without problems. Also for logical reasons, after drinking so much water per day, you are going to need to go to the bathroom, and although it seems natural, it is very complicated to have to dress and undress at that height and with that cold at such a height.You have to try to get to Mendoza a few days before the start of the expedition, more than anything to prevent your itinerary from being affected by any kind of setback. Whether it’s loss of bags or some administrative setback in the park, or at the airport. Beyond the fact that one always tries to leave everything ready in advance, the reality is that many times there are fortuitous events that are beyond our control and force us to change plans on the fly.I imagine that after planning an expedition so far in advance and having invested so much time and money, you don’t want something to go off the main plan because of a technicality or some minor issue beyond your control Aconcagua Guided Climb. Papers and documentation are an important item when planning your visit to South America. It will be mandatory to bring your passport, entrance permit to the park that you will buy in Mendoza. It is also mandatory to have rescue insurance in case of evacuations. Keep in mind that ransom insurance is not the same as traditional traveler’s insurance.The rescue insurance will cover the helicopter costs of your helicopter evacuation from the park. Keep in mind that if you have to be evacuated from the high altitude camps, the only way to get quickly to Penitentes is by helicopter. It is important to keep in mind that always and at all times, safety must come first. By safety I mean not only walking carefully, but also knowing the difference when we feel good and can continue, and when we have to think cold and accept that our body and head will no longer be able to continue the ascent.I know that it is difficult and very hard to accept this in the middle of the Aconcagua Hike  mountain, but if you do not think this way, you can put your life and health in great danger.Many times climbers think that they only have to reach the summit and forget that they also have to return safely to the camp. The fact that it is going down does not mean that it will be easy, under no circumstances is going downhill a walk.It is very common for climbers to go down almost without energy and have to be tied with a rope and carried by the guide so that they do not fall. It really is a great effort, and that is why we have to be responsible when taking unnecessary risks.No summit in the whole world can be more important than your life and your health.Remember that training is essential to come and climb this mountain. Many climbers have come without training because they thought it was easy, and have had to abandon the Nido de Condores expedition due to poor acclimatization, fatigue and other factors caused by the lack of responsible training to come to Aconcagua. Think that training can never miss.