How to Become a Mountain Climber?

The world is a big place and filled with many wonders. Explore the world and find your passion and goal in life. Mountaineering is a job for some people, while some like adventurous activities. If you wonder how much fun mountain climbing is, why don’t you try and experience it yourself?You can easily find many like-minded people who will help you on your journey. You can start your mountaineering journey in Aconcagua. Learn how to begin mountaineering in this blog and how to climb Aconcagua cheap.What are the skills essential for mountaineering?Mountaineering consists of hiking and orientation, alpine climbing, and general outdoor skills. However, you should learn these essential skills to start mountain climbing:

  • General outdoor skill sets
You should learn these general outdoor skill sets, including map reading, emergency planning, and orientation. You should be able to find your way with a compass and map and navigate in mountainous terrain. You should also develop a mindset of emergency planning to ensure safe mountain climbing. You should have a backup plan for climbing and become confident in your skills.
  • Learn to climb, rappel, and belay
You should learn climbing skills and practice them every day. You can start your training with toprope and indoor. After getting excellent at indoor climbing, you can try traditional climbing. You should learn different styles of climbing. It is also essential to learn to rappel and belay. You can start practicing these styles on smaller rocks first.
  • Go camping in the winter.
Camping in winter helps you withstand the cold weather of high-altitude mountains. You can start with easy nights out. Sleep outside in the tent or your car. You can use a heater or a vehicle if you feel extremely cold. If you can tolerate the cold temperature, you can go for a hike for half an hour and spend a night in the snow.
  • Train and hike in a caloric deficit
You can hike in the summer when you sweat more. You should get used to the feeling of hunger and low blood sugar. It is unpredictable on the mountain when you need to walk on low blood sugar while shivering in freezing rain. You can train your body and mind to keep going in low calories. Developing this helps you control the situation in extreme conditions.
  • Hiking and backpacking
The mountains have weird terrain and routes. You must get used to walking on every terrain while dragging a heavy backpack for hours. Try backpacking on a warm day, so your body develops an ability to endure this pain and discomfort.
  • Work on endurance and strength
You can hit the gym for strength and endurance training. You can go running daily. According to Aconcagua Mountain Guides, you must be in the best possible fitness to climb the high-altitude mountain.ConclusionWith this, you can start your journey into mountaineering. Develop all the necessary skills to become a good mountain climber. However, if you are going to climb a mountain, hiring a guide will be beneficial. It will increase your chance to reach the peak with utmost safety successfully.