Practical Tips to Improve the Chances of Reaching the Top of Aconcagua

If you are a fan of climbing a mountain and want an adventurous journey for around two weeks, then you should consider Mount Aconcagua for your next climbing destination. After all the extreme weather conditions and obstacles, reaching the top of Mount Aconcagua is worthwhile. Still, bad weather, improper or enough acclimatization, and insufficient physical fitness may prevent you from reaching the summit. Thus, every mountaineer needs to use various tips which help to enhance the chances of reaching the peak. So let’s consider the best advice you must consider while climbing to Aconcagua.

  1. Take Prior physical training
Everyone needs to be mentally and physically fit and also requires around 3 to 4 weeks of physical exercise and altitude training before beginning climbing. You must take at least 3 weeks of hypoxic training to acclimate well. It is best to contact Aconcagua mountain guides so they can help you with developing the training plans.
  1. Know About Altitude Sickness
If you have ever climbed a mountain, you may know about altitude-related disorders and issues. However, if you are new to climbing them, you must understand this point better. If you want to reach the top of Aconcagua, then you should ask the expert about the principles of acclimatization and altitude sickness.
  1. Eat Healthy And Fill Your Tummy
During Aconcagua Trekking, you must eat healthy food, which gives you more energy and makes your appetite satisfied for a longer time. It would be best if you focused on your strength, so always have some protein bars and recovery snacks in your bag. You must not skip any meals and carry a lightweight snack with you.
  1. Make Multivitamin Your Buddy
As discussed earlier, strength and being physically fit are essential, so take multivitamins regularly before and during your expedition. Besides taking a multivitamin, you can ask the expedition guide and the healthcare provider for other supplements to boost your immune system.
  1. Always Ready to Cope with Harsh Weather
The weather of Aconcagua is unexpected, so you are always prepared for harsh weather conditions. The climate of Aconcagua can shift from warm to dry to windy and freezing anytime, so always focus on essential trip elements and know how to cope with these situations.
  1. Take All Essentials
Don’t make your bag too heavy, so always keep things crucial for climbing. Keep lightweight clothes, utensils, other gear, and the most vital medical kit in your trekking bag. Furthermore, you also need to make a separate compartment in your bag for your gears, which will help dry them well.
  1. Hydrate Yourself
Remember, hydration is the key to your strength while climbing a mountain. So always hydrate your body and drink around 1lt water before breakfast, 2 liters before lunch, and 2lt before afternoon. Moreover, you can also bring some hydration pills and electrolytes on your trips.Conclusion  Trekking is not easy; it always needs prior training, physical fitness, and complete knowledge about everything on the mountain. So, always prepare yourself before beginning your journey. Hopefully, the above points help you to understand the effective ways to reach the top of the Aconcagua summit.