How to Choose a Mountaineering Guide for the Aconcagua Expedition?

Want to climb Aconcagua with a guide? Follow these tips and ask these questions to find the best guide who will ensure you have a perfect adventure.Their GuidesThe first thing you should consider when looking for a mountain climbing company is the guides. Guides are the trip’s leaders; if your leader can easily manage and communicate throughout the team, you can learn better at mountain climbing.You should make sure that the company offers certified guides. However, if you are taking an individual with you, check if they have UIAGM/IFMGA certification, EPGAMT, or AAGM certification. You should also check if they are aware of all the local nuances, rules, regulations, and permits. A good guide answers all the basic questions related to Aconcagua Treks.Safety and Success RecordsSafety is an essential topic that you must discuss with your guide. Check how many are successful.Aconcagua Guided Climb they achieved. Most companies will tell you about their high success record. However, it would be best if you asked about unsuccessful expeditions and their causes.However, climbing the mountain with the right guide offers peace of mind. You can also ask the company if they offer insurance. You may not need the insurance, but they are quite confident in their services if they offer it.Their ServicesHiring a guide from a mountaineering company allows you to avail other benefits too. You can request airport pickup services from the company. You can ask what their services are and their cost. Generally, there is no additional cost to some services.You should check if they have these services, including porter, helicopter, Base Camp, and Base Camp Medical facilities. These services are a great help when you are outside. You can request emergency helicopter rescue if your medical condition declines. At Base Camp, you can rest in complete comfort.ReviewsBefore choosing a mountaineering company, you can see their reviews and rating. You can get an idea about their guides and services with previous reviews. You can ask mountain climbers who climbed the Aconcagua in the past about their experience with a guide.Most guides are friendly and take quick responses to any situation that may occur on the mountain. Choose the company that offers a guide that has leadership and communication skills—a guide who can direct you in one instruction.Trip PeersIt is common for people to ask experts for their preparation for an Aconcagua trip. When looking for a mountaineering company, ask about what level of preparation you will need with their guide. Ask if you need specific mountain climbing equipment for Aconcagua.Choose the company that assigns their guide with a small team because, in a smaller group, it will be easier for the guide to look over them. The company also puts you with like-minded people with the same physical fitness so that you can move at your own pace.Wrapping UpChoosing the mountaineering company for climbing Mount Aconcagua is the right choice. However, many people are not familiar with mountaineering companies in other countries. Remember to follow these tips to ensure you choose the right guide for your Aconcagua trip.