Aconcagua Expeditions – What is necessary to reach the summit?

In this route there are no frequent problems of “altitude sickness” because the approach takes 5 or 6 days from the entrance to the Park through Punta Vacas and the ascent is slow, which allows good acclimatization.How to getThe city of Mendoza can be reached from Córdoba through National Route Nº 20, which then connects with the R.N. 146 and continue along it until its intersection with R.N. 7, very close to the city of San Luis.Climbing AconcaguaFrom Buenos Aires there are two alternatives: National Route 7 directly or Route 188 –also national- to San Rafael and from here take R.N. 143 that merges with 40 until reaching the provincial capital. From this the R.N. Nº 7 –which crosses the border to Chilean territory- towards Puente del Inca along a road with easy circulation that, in the vicinity of this last locality, takes us to the entrance to the Aconcagua Provincial Park.Conservation problems Climb AconcaguaGiven the orographic characteristics, the Park does not suffer from one of the most common problems that affects protected areas, such as the entry of poachers through the perimeter zones. The vast majority of visitors enter through the entrances enabled for this purpose, so the control, in order to preserve the safety of the tourist or athlete, is quite effective. For a long time the most serious conservation problem that affected this conservation unit – almost a scourge – was the waste of all kinds that was unscrupulously dumped by climbers from the most remote parts of the world. Different types of measures that were taken over time did not give better results. Currently, thanks to a well-organized system of controls and fines for offenders, this problem has been significantly improved. Even today, many mountaineers leave organic residues in very high areas where they are preserved for a long time due to the prevailing intense cold.Another unsolved difficulty is the lack of well-defined trails where visitors can walk. This causes them to circulate anywhere, causing the incipient or mature vegetation to be trampled, leaving peladales of different magnitudes.Aconcagua ClimbIn general, the control of the Security Forces is intense and effective, but it would be convenient for the superiors to suggest to their subordinates not to fire unnecessary shots that in some way exert noise pollution and cause the stampede of the scarce fauna of the place.