Aconcagua Expeditions – Some considerations for climbing the hill

In the “New Plaza de Mulas” is the control of Ranger and Medical Service.The entire surface for camping is parceled out and there are areas assigned to service providers. During the summer season, removable toilets are installed.To the west of this camp is the “Plaza de Mulas” refuge and an attached campsite.Argentine Square (4200m)It is located at a distance of approximately 60 kilometers from Punta de Vacas. This camp is found going up the Quebrada del Río Vacas and the Relinchos stream. From this point you ascend the Hill in a West-Northwest direction and it has permanent control by park rangers, a medical service and a heliport.Guanaco Square (3650 m)This camp has been established more recently due to the demand for new alternative routes. This route began to be used in 1995..Aconcagua Guided ClimbIt is located at the bottom of the Vacas River Valley, about 70 km from Punta Vacas.Since this route is rarely used, it does not have a medical service, nor does it have permanent park rangers or rescue patrols, nor service providers. It has drinking water from streams.Mount AconcaguaHigh CampsThey are the sites that are used during the ascent to the hill by the different ascent routes and that generally have places sheltered from strong winds, with streams or snowfields for the provision of water.The ascension routes are as followsNORMAL ROUTE or NORTHWESTThis Route does not present technical difficulties, but you have to take into account the incredibly strong storms that can hit it and the “puna” of the height, so you must respect the strict mountain safety regulations and not expose yourself to a possible suicide.Aconcagua ExpeditionIn all cases, the use of tents is necessary, since all the shelters are small with capacity for three or four people.Starting from the Plaza de Mulas Base Camp, it is recommended to reach the “Portezuelo del Manso” stage (5200), where it is advisable to stay a couple of days to achieve good acclimatization.The Mendoza Police Rescue Patrol operates on this route from the Plaza de Mulas Base Camp.This Route starts from the Plaza Argentina Base Camp and ascends in a west-northeast direction.On this route we find the camps:Field 1 (4700)Field 2 (5300)Field 3 (5800)Field 4 (6500)ROUTE OF THE SOUTH OR FRENCH WALLThe Glacier and South Wall routes are considered high risk and the Rescue Patrol does not operate on them due to the extreme technical difficulty. On this route there are no regular fixed camps and, therefore, they are used to spend the night in places that are not exposed to landslides and avalanches.ROUTE of the VIEJA ALTA or PLAZA GUANACOSThis route is relatively little used and is geographically close to the entrance to the Park. It lacks the permanent security systems implemented in the rest of the Base Camps (park rangers, medical service, etc.).