5 Steps to Prepare while Climbing Aconcagua

Often termed as the highest and interesting “trekking peak”, the Aconcagua is the most favorite high-altitude destination for the thrill-seekers. Although it is not an easy mountain to tackle but has got varied paths that offer travelers of all age to experience summit exploration. From technically-skilled climbers to family-group, this part of the Andes is a popular spot for the adventure-souls. Learn the pertinent aspects that support your climb to Aconcagua as climbing Aconcagua, the ‘Andes-Rooftop ”is never an easy task due to extreme weather and technical difficulties.
  1. Make sure about your health and optimum psychology preparation : Condition your body and induce more stamina if you are thinking about climbing Aconcagua. This is really crucial especially if you are out of exercise or practice physical workout because you shouldn’t shock your body and mind of the extreme exertion it’s to going to go through all across the climb. Get the work out correct and deal with Cardio, legs and total body workout for developing a proper form. An extreme sport, this Aconcagua climb is the ultimate challenge for the climbers due to steep terrain, fatal possibilities, over-whelmed weathers and inadequate base camp.
  2. Right gear with Right wears : Wear and carry all the essential gear for the climb. How to climb Aconcagua is altogether a different question to follow, as there are a number of associated things that are needed to follow while exploring the Andes.
  3. A portable charger : Of course, you may need Charging opportunities at every level and thus, with very limited options, get energy-saver equipment and charger devices for your Aconcagua climb. Once you leave Mendoza and head up to Confluencia and Plaza de Mulas shelters, you need these devices to click and updated forever. Carry a portable charging device, and also avail a portable solar charger, if it is possible for you to borrow. Certainly, these can keep you and your electronic devices running through the entire Aconcagua climb.
  4. Carry water and stay hydrated throughout the trip : You can’t afford to become ill in those high-altitude and thus, always bring your own water at least carry 2 liters of water every time and don’t forget to refill at each camp. Along with adequate acclimatization, know the weather and route across the Vacas valley for the best and successful climb.
  5. Carry snacks and protein bars: Although your tour guide and porters will support your entire climb to the summit of Aconcagua, you need to carry your own energy bar or your favorite munchies to manage an interesting destination to cover. Try to focus on maintaining your body fueled with enough carbs and energies to optimize your ride and performance. Hence, pack some nuts, ready-to-eat can, trail mix, candies, chocolates, bread, etc.
Carry your personal first-aid-kit, as you never know what surprises are waiting for you and thus, carry your basic medicines, and all the other pertinent emergency kit like cotton, bandaids, pain-killer, betadine, bandage and anything you think you might need for your long journey. Don’t ever forget to carry these essentials as this is your survival kit to carry and conquer the mighty Aconcagua. As climbing Aconcagua is never been an easy task for the adventurers to follow.