New Essential Guide to enjoying USA National Parks responsibly

Loveholidays recently published an in-depth resource called “An Essential Guide To Enjoying USA National Parks Responsibly”. National parks are a popular (and relatively safe) way to spend some much needed time outdoors for physical health and mental wellbeing during the pandemic. And with a record number of visitors in 2020, minimizing the impact on national parks whilst preventing the spread of COVID-19 is more crucial than ever.The guide shares useful information such as:
  • How to enjoy the great outdoors more ‘responsibly’ by practising the principles of ‘leave no trace’, camping and wildlife safety, and fire prevention awareness.
  • The many physical and mental health benefits of spending time in nature such as reducing stress and anxiety, all helpful after enduring months of lockdowns and travel restrictions.
  • The guide includes an interactive map showing highlights and useful insights into the top national parks in the US.
  • Plenty of useful tips, practical advice, and other resources to stay safe in parks and recreate outdoors responsibly
You can check the article in their website.