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The circuit allowed us to observe all sides of the mountain, and we reached the highest point in the Western Hemisphere, making this one of the most rewarding trips on the Aconcagua Polish Route. Participants can test their fitness at a high altitude without the challenges of glacier travel. Still, they will do so within the context of an actual expedition. This trip is highly recommended for anybody hoping to join an expedition to one of the 8000-meter Himalayan giants since it will provide excellent training and experience at higher elevations. Since there will be no need to retrace your steps to the trip’s beginning point, circumnavigation will enable you to see each camp from a fresh perspective. Reaching the summit of the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere is an impressive feat. Mendoza, generally regarded as one of the world’s wine capitals, is not a terrible spot to have a bottle of wine while commemorating your accomplishment. Mendoza is recognized globally as a significant wine-producing area.About DescriptionThe Polish Traverse, commonly known as the Aconcagua Ascension, is an incredible high-altitude ascent. Both names refer to the same route. Therefore, there is a relationship between them. The Polish Glacier Route is a far more difficult high-altitude ascent than the Traverse Route and should only be attempted by climbers with extensive expertise. However, the Traverse Trail passes below the ice and requires a comparable rise but no ice travel.Along the journey up Aconcagua, you want to construct a series of camps with the motto “climb high, sleep low” at each. The plan includes several days with unfavorable weather predictions so that you may try the summit climb on several occasions. With these advantages, we will be better able to adjust to our new environment and increase our chances of success.Important points Climbers new to the sport who are in good shape and have practiced some basic climbing skills will find this route most suitable. The actual terrain on the usual route is similar, but you may need to bring along an ice axe and crampons. The greater height, longer time, and harsher temperatures make this ascent more complex than Mount Kilimanjaro. Unlike the climbers’ organized Kilimanjaro trip, this one is self-supported and has just a small staff. You should know how to use all the gear you’re taking with you on your trip to Aconcagua.

  • For people who have little or no experience with climbing or high altitude, the following is a suggested order of events:
  • In the North Cascades, you may enroll in climbing courses.
  • Ascend Mexico’s and Ecuador’s volcanoes and peaks in Peru and Bolivia for a taste of the high life.
  • Trek up to Elbrus or Kilimanjaro. Explore Bolivia, Ecuador, or Peru while participating in a climbing course. Strive to reach the peak of Elbrus or Kilimanjaro.
 Conclusion Climbing the Seven Summits is committed to providing its clients with the most remarkable expeditions imaginable to keep its reputation as the best Aconcagua expedition company. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance, so you should expect it to be challenging but also rewarding. Acclimatization is an individual process, and how well you adapt might vary from climb to climb. Put yourself first, treat yourself well, and maintain a healthy balance (for instance, by keeping a slow pace and well hydrated).