A solo expedition to Aconcagua: a quick guide

If you decide to go on a solo expedition to one of the trickiest mountain peaks, be ready! It will be challenging yet exciting; it will test your power and power, yet you will love every bit of it. The Aconcagua hike needs some prior preparation, and going solo means either you alone or you and your friends alone without a guide. While guided expeditions have benefits, we will support your solo endeavor too! 

Prepare yourself

Start preparing yourself physically and mentally. Include exercise in your daily routine and add weights gradually. Climbers know how to leverage their exercise routine before any expedition. Prepare yourself mentally, and know that it will be challenging. Some days will be dark and dull, but the destination will be worth it. The trip to the summit will test your skills; you might feel altitude sickness; all of this is okay. Know how to handle such situations, especially for an unguided expedition. 

How will we help you?

On the Acomara Aconcagua expedition, we will provide you with the following facilities:
  • Mules: We employ mules to carry the loads from one camp to another. Camping requires a lot of things, some of which are very expensive. We use several mules for this purpose, so you can climb forward seamlessly without worrying about your goods.
  • Accommodation: For a comfortable stay, we will make arrangements at Penitentes, base camp tents and dorms, and Mendoza city. Transportation facilities will be available from your visit to the airport and vice versa.
  • Food: At camps, you will get various healthy food items ranging from vegetarian to celiac. Electricity, potable water, toilet paper, etc. will also be available.
  • Rentals: The team will help you with getting equipment to rent easily. For personal equipment rentals, we also provide good discounts.
  • Assistance: The experts will provide half-day or full-day aid in your language of choice, English, French, or Spanish. Whether you need help buying equipment or getting an entrance permit, we will help you anytime, anywhere!
  • Support: We will assist you in Mendoza before and after your expedition. The customer service team will help you get your lost luggage if required.


Climbing Aconcagua solo is not recommended for people who don’t have enough experience. If you have completed expeditions to various other peaks, and are sure of your capabilities, go for it! We will help you in every possible way. The team will take care of your needs and provide emergency assistance. If you go with your friends on an unguided expedition, make sure all your friends are healthy, have the required physical capabilities, and are well experienced. It’s beneficial to wait and practice until you feel capable enough; when you are confident, get along and begin this journey. From your stay in Mendoza City to your successful expedition and departure, we will be there silently supporting your solo journey.