How to ensure that the Hill does not defeat you

He will begin to count his permanence in the height. He first pitched his tent on the very top, but the strong wind made him very uncomfortable, and it was not a suitable place. Then he moved to where he is now.Map with the route made by Fernando Garrido on the AconcaguaAnd your freezes?Fernando shows me his blistered fingers. – Is nothing. It was at the beginning of being here – . His toenails fell off after a few days. Also due to a freezing process that was soon controlled.What do you feel here, Fernando? How are you?Very sleepy and listless for most of the day. In the morning I take my blood pressure – He shows me the device – I also make a note in the diary. I listen to the radio frequently and sleep a lot.Garrido asks me about the mountain people, and I exaggerate in my answers. I am talking – me – much more than him while I record a “cassette” that Fernando has seen fit to give me, and this is not a good interviewer, quite the opposite. I was the one who had to know how to ask him so that he would tell a lot. Talking so much and with so much passion is tiring at this point, and I notice my heart is very tired, which is no longer quite what it once was.Take these pills, Cesar. They are for the headache, and these others, to sleep. And I, who never take any type of medication, on this high occasion, I don’t think about it. I don’t know how to say no and I take them without thinking about the consequences. After the coffee with milk, Fernando offers me to make a kind of powdered milk with some vitamins from Canada. This is all you eat at this point. That and the almonds that I have uploaded and that seem exquisite. My young daughters gave them to me to feed me, and for me they have a special component in these heights in which men cling to their affections with enormous intensity.I would like to write a book about these days. Ferdinand says. This was done by the Frenchman Nicolás Jaeger, who wrote “Cuadernos de Soledad”, in which he included his studies on himself. Jaeger, who died in the Himalayas, spent 59 days in Huascarán, on the pass between the two peaks, at an altitude of 6,300 meters. On his experience, apparently, the Frenchman did his doctoral thesis in Medicine. How to Climb AconcaguaSurvival at 7000 meters. Fernando Garrido Principle of freezing in the fingersFernando Garrido at the entrance to his tent. Photo: Cesar Perez from TudelaSurvival at 7000 meters. Fernando Garrido Principle of freezing in the fingersSurvival at 7000 meters. Fernando Garrido Principle of freezing in the fingersIndeed, very little is known about the organism’s behavior at this point. And let’s not talk about the brain. I have been trying to reconstruct, in these stories, scraps of impressions rescued through my diary – then you don’t remember – of my hasty ascent to Aconcagua, but it is not the same as spending so much time on the heights. If Fernando has really taken notes and has observed himself, trying to penetrate himself, his experience can be extremely interesting-even from a scientific point of view.Ferdinand. You must write more in your diary, take photos, I tell him when he confesses to me his logical apathy and his constant desire to sleep. I encourage him where I can, telling him that his experience is great, and that people are looking out for him. Mount AconcaguaWhat have been the worst moments?A few days of storm and wind. I had to hold on tight to the store so I wouldn’t run out of it. Without a store, César, he would be lost. I am nothing, I am nothing. And lightning is something that cannot be explained. A constant clarity, as if the sun had risen in the middle of the night. It’s awful.Cerro AconcaguaBut after the storm comes calm.Hopefully. And that, in the days that I still have left, there is no wind or lightning.Little by little, the pills against insomnia – a frequent evil in high altitudes – begin to take effect, and the conversation slows down. Fernando is full of projects, and I offer to take him to Antarctica if my expedition leaves.Outline of the personal equipment you carryAt first the body and mind feel sick from the altitude, in the end one findsvery weak but the mind is clean and deepYou are already, in your own right, a survivor.The antartida? I would be excited!We are facing each other – offset – in the small store, where it is not excessively cold compared to the lower levels of past days.I have reached 35 degrees below zero, he tells me. I, in any case, have neglected to cover my back and I have it like ice. I’m fully dressed, including my double boots, which I haven’t taken off, and stuffed into a thick sack that Fernando has left me.Suddenly, he remembers that it’s connection day