How to climb Mount Aconcagua through the Polish Glacier route?

If you are an adventure seeker person to climb the colossus of America, Aconcagua Argentina, through the risky Polish glacier route, you have come to the right place. Your intended adventure is applaudable among those priding themselves on climbing smaller mountains of a few hundred or one thousand meters in altitude. But you need to be ready, prepared, motivated, and healthy, as this is not an easy task. There is not even support from the rescue teams of the Mendoza police but only monitoring services. So, you have to be extra careful and fit for the most dangerous trip. However, the trip exposes the most rustic side of Mount Aconcagua to enjoy its unique natural beauty more than the other routes. But climbing the 6962 meters above sea level next to the Himalayas needs help from the best expedition services, which have licensed and experienced guides to help you through the entire adventure to reach the summit successfully. So, check out the risks and itinerary to climb Aconcagua cheaply by reducing the risks and increasing the chances of reaching the summit safely. Why is the Polish glacier route too risky to climb Mount Aconcagua? Your decision to take the Polish glacier route to climb Mount Aconcagua shows your adventurous spirit that will enlighten you on every step, foot, or meter. Also, it shows that you want to enjoy the risky trip, overcoming the challenges to remember for a lifetime. It could be a dream come to reality. It confirms your attitude to life not to shy away from harsh realities but to face them with courage and confidence. But compared to the normal route or the Polish traverse route, this glacier route is risky. It starts in the desert and ends in heavy snow. There is a stretch of a few hundred feet of slope on this route at an angle of thirty degrees, so even the crampons come out, and the weather is unpredictable. What is the itinerary for the Polish Glacier route for the Aconcagua ascent? Most climbers, even seasoned mountaineers, take the normal or Polish traverse route for the Aconcagua ascent. Only a few, like you, opt for the Polish Glacier route to make it the least traveled and most risky. The rescue services of the Mendoza government are of less help on this route than on the others. So it would help if you were well trained, practiced, and ate a healthy diet during the expedition and even before it is essential. You also need the services of the best expedition services to guide you with the following well-planned program to know how to climb Aconcagua safely. 

  • The climb includes parts of the normal and traverse routes, along with crossing the Polish Glacier, a mythic base.
  • The route includes Vacas Valley, Upper Guanacos, Plaza Argentina, Camps One and Two of the Polish Traverse, and a normal route to reach the summit.
  • The descent from the successful reach of the summit follows the normal route, enjoying the famous Plaza de Mulas base camp.
  • It takes up to 20 days to reach the summit and back to Mendoza, including the rest, acclimatization, and days reserved for any natural disasters, among others.
 The above facts and program will surely convince you to be ready and prepared for the risky route of Polish Glacier to climb Aconcagua cheaply with the help of experienced expedition services.