6 secret tips for climbing the Colossus of America, Aconcagua Argentina

You are in the right place to learn about the preparations to climb Mount Aconcagua, the colossus of America. After the Himalayas, it is the highest mountain, at 6962 meters above sea level, in the Mendoza province in Argentina. Mendoza has an international airport for you to reach from anywhere globally, which is also 750 meters above sea level. There are modern facilities in Mendoza in the Aconcagua Argentina Mountain provincial park for you to start your adventurous journey up above the Aconcagua mountain. It has lodging facilities for up to 15,000 people, with hotels, houses, apartments, campsites, cottages, etc. You can buy all your needs from Mendoza city, the provincial capital, 70 miles or 112 kilometers northwest of the Aconcagua provincial park. So, check out the how to climb Aconcagua, the sentinel of stone and called the seven summits of the seven continents with all preparations to enjoy the magical natural beauty and have a magnificent mountain experience. Why is Aconcagua Argentina popular worldwide? Thousands of tourists visit for Aconcagua ascents to have a thrilling adventure in nature’s lap with its snow-capped mountains and unique Aconcagua trekking treasure trove. It is the highest mountain in America, at a whopping 21,838 feet above sea level, making it the highest mountain in the southern hemisphere. Adventure seekers worldwide visit here to have all the modern facilities to prepare for the tedious task of climbing one of the highest mountains in the world. With the pandemic’s effects now reducing, the Argentinian government is opening up a few of the routes for trekking in Aconcagua. But someone should prepare you well for the Aconcagua adventure so you can enjoy it and be safe. Six tips to prepare for the Aconcagua adventure Even climbing a hundred feet of hills or mountains is challenging for many people. Hence, climbing over 26,000 feet of Mount Aconcagua is arduous, even for seasoned climbers. Hence, it is essential to have the best preparation from training, assimilation of nutritious food, and hydration. The following are a few tips for preparing for the Aconcagua adventure. 

  1. It is essential to have previous training by climbing different sized mountains to know the difficulties and positives of safe Aconcagua trekking.
  2. Should check for any illnesses to have the acclimation to climb Aconcagua with strength and avoid exhaustion during the journey.
  3. Daily routine training by jogging and doing other exercises to keep the body fit and healthy is essential to succeed in the Aconcagua challenge and make it an enjoyable experience.
  4. Since climbing Aconcagua needs to carry a bag on the back, it is essential to practice climbing while wearing backpacks to keep the muscles, lungs, ligaments, tendons, and others in good condition.
  5. Doing progressive training using weights will provide resistance and improve anaerobic metabolism, the process of carbohydrates feeding the muscles rather than needing additional oxygen.
  1. A good diet and motivation for the expedition are essential for the successful completion of the Aconcagua trek.
 The above facts and tips will surely help you be ready. If you need more information about climbing Aconcagua, cheap companies are available with no compromise in their high quality of service to complete the adventure safely.