Aconcagua Expeditions – The incredible view of Plaza Francia

I was with José Luis in Plaza Francia, in February 2002, where they made the base camp, and from where they attacked the summit, I assure you that the vertical and imposing nature of that mass of stone and ice is impressive and I thought a lot about them and the magnitude of his feat with the clothing of that time, then I returned to see the south wall from the summit and I was even more impressed by the wall and the feat.What a group of men is capable of doing when they set out to do “the impossible.” My humble but sincere tribute to this very special class of men and women who make things happen and are not satisfied with seeing things happen.Trekking AconcaguaBetween January and February 1966, a team of Argentine climbers, made up of Jorge Aikes and Omar Pellegrini, faced the fearsome South Wall again, opening a variant on the route traced by the French, for which they crossed the right part of the wall diagonally. wall and reached the exit ramp of the French route.In the same season, the Argentine José Luis Fonrouge and the Austrian Hans Schonberger , a member of the Expedition led by Fritz Moravec , achieved a lightning ascent of the South wall , and inaugurated a variant in the lower part that joins the route of the French below the sandstone areas.The Austrian Reinhold Messner, in January 1974, again overcomes the southern wall, making an interesting variant from the Upper Glacier, point from where he reached the northern summit from the South (Messer variant) prior to arrival at the Filo del Guanaco, a ridge that join both peaks.Aconcágua In January 1978, Argentine climbers Guillermo Vieyro, Edgardo Porcellana, and Jorge Jasón opened the so-called “Argentine Route” through the East Glacier or Glaciar de los Ingleses, located to the left of the Glaciar de los Polacos, then surpassing the edge that delimits the Horcones Inferior and Los Relinchos valleys and reached the northern peak through the upper part of the Glaciar de los Polacos.Aconcagua has also been the scene of diverse and important scientific and technical studies. In this aspect, the German Expedition led by Dr. Albrech in 1966 should be highlighted.Aconcagua Mountain GuidesIn 1978, studies were carried out on the acclimatization of the human body to high altitudes and its effects on the bloodstream by a team led by Luis Parra, who broadcast live from the summit, this being the third time that the reached.In 1993 Doctors Gustavo Irusta and Adolfo Gambarte, both from Mendoza, carried out a research work, with effort tests at height, where climbers from all over the world participated, present at that moment in the mountain, the work was awarded by the Federation Argentina of CardiologyAn Expedition led by Fernando Santamaría reaches the summit with eight other members of the Andinista Club of Mendoza.And the story continues… humbly, this is my review of the first expedition of the Mountain Circle, belonging to the Medical Circle of Mendoza.