Aconcagua Expeditions – Milestones to Understand Aconcagua

In this way, the Benjamín Matienzo stream and the Vacas stream will be added so that the region’s main hydrographic basins and glaciers are protected. At the same time, the tourist proposals in the area will be activated.According to the expansion project, two categories will be considered for its surface at the time of climb Aconcagua cheap. The first is oriented to developing recreational and tourist activities at the creek entrance under the name Recreational Natural Reserve. The rest of the area will bear the same name as the Provincial Park, including sites unaffected by human activity.How to climb AconcaguaThe System of Protected Areas of Mendoza comprises 19 reserves, 17 administered by the province. The sum of all shall consist of 13% of the surface of the territory of the province. The expansion will make Mendoza reach the suggested international parameters for the conservation of the natural region. The Aconcagua 2021/2022 season has news. Intending to rescue the tourist activity of Mendoza, the administration of the Aconcagua Provincial Park has already planned the next season for mountain activities. In the planning, the advance sale of the different licenses was made possible, with a 25% discount on their values.Last season foreigners were not allowed to enter the park to do Aconcagua Ascents, which caused significant economic damage to those who explore the mountain for tourism. Thus, through Decree 762/21, the governor of the province of Mendoza Rodolfo Suárez authorized the Directorate of Renewable Natural Resources, as the Enforcement Authority of Law 6,045. to initiate the advance sale of licenses for the different mountain activities ( ascent, long walk, and short trek) for the 2021/22 season of the Aconcagua Provincial Park with discounts. The rates will be a 25% discount to those established by Decree 2425/19, until September 30, 2021. The sale of licenses to climbers can only be carried out through service providers duly registered to develop activities in Aconcagua Provincial Park during the 2019- 2020 Season.The Secretary of Environment and Spatial Planning, Humberto Mingorance, affirmed that “these are necessary measures with which it is intended to promote employment and local tourism through the commercialization of tourist activity, providing predictability for the next season of the Provincial Park. Aconcagua “. As announced first-hand for all of Brazil at the time, a group of five women between 24 and 50 years old (along with two Argentine guides), with typical costumes, long skirts, bowler hats, and long braids, reached the top of Aconcagua. (6,962 m), Argentina, on January 23. The Aconcagua ascent was financed by Montura, an Italian mountaineering equipment company.The group of cholita climbers has become a massive phenomenon in Bolivia, with extensive media coverage. After climbing Aconcagua, his popularity exploded throughout the South American continent, receiving invitations worldwide to tell his story.