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Martin Zhor’s effort to break the record was such that his descent was slow and careful. The Czech ran the entire race with his GPS activated. Therefore, the distances, speeds, and times were recorded in detail on the international FKT Fastestknowntime website and in the Suunto app.However, Aconcagua Park officials refused to extend the certification, claiming that the athlete did not announce his attempt. The attitude of the Park officials is due to the controversy that broke out last year, with the woman who claimed to have broken a record without reliable evidence.Helicopter lands on top of Aconcágua for the first timeAn Airbus helicopter landed on the top of Aconcágua (6,960 m) in a historic landmark that in the future may help climbers to be rescued in extreme situations and emergencies. The European company managed to land a twin-engine helicopter for the first time in the history of Argentine aviation at such a high altitude, and it did so without complications and in complex weather conditions. The landing was made last Tuesday.Aconcagua Provincial Park already has a helicopter, but it has “common characteristics” (with a single-engine) to help mountaineers. However, Sebastián Melchor, director of Renewable Natural Resources of the government of the Argentine province of Mendoza, indicated that the summit was reached with a twin-engine helicopter opens the door to an even safer future for adventurers. The safety of Aconcagua is an obsession for the government of the province of Mendoza, and the collection of ransoms is the subject of constant debate.The aircraft that completed the feat was the new Airbus Helicopter H145, and it took off from Mendoza, flying for approximately 30 minutes to the foot of Aconcagua. From there, the helicopter began its 15-minute ascent to the top of the mountain, in winter temperatures in the southern hemisphere, which reached -22 ° C. The government of the province of Mendoza, the Argentine state that administers the Aconcagua Park, launched a project to expand the park to the border with Chile. The news was published by the Argentine newspaper La Nación. The expansion will have a relevant tourist, economic and environmental impact in the central mountain cities. It is essential to have good Aconcagua Mountain guidesThe governor of the province of Mendoza, together with the secretary of Environment and Planning of the Territory Humberto Mingorance, announced the main guidelines of the plan, which consists of the expansion of 18,500 hectares of the surface of the Aconcagua Provincial Park. Thus, the new area of ​​the park would be 85,900 hectares and will reach the border with Chile. Currently, the Aconcagua Park has 70,000 ha, and the expansion would mean an increase of 17.65%