Aconcagua Expeditions – It is not just another mountain

After breakfast, we will start our Aconcagua hike towards the Aconcagua de la Cara Sur 4,000 m viewpoint. We will see a giant wall that rises 3,000 meters above us, imposing. From this place, Aconcagua looks more magnificent and intimidating than ever. We can see the entire South Wall. We will walk for about 5 hours. We will return to Camp Confluencia.Day 4: Confluencia – Plaza de MulasAfter breakfast, we start our walk through “Playa Ancha.” Little by little, we gain altitude to the Upper Valley of Horcones. After walking along Playa Ancha and ascending a very steep path, “Cuesta Brava” (Steep Slope), we arrived at Plaza de Mulas, at 4,250 m.Day 5: Plaza de MulasRest day in Plaza de Mulas, at 4,250 m. This day will be to visit the Plaza de Mulas camp. You can see the highest Art Gallery in the World (Guinness World Record). In the vicinity of the camps, with the incredible view of the Western Wall of Aconcagua, the Superior Horcones Glacier, and Cerro Cuerno.Day 6: Ascent to Mount BoneteAfter breakfast, we begin the ascent to the top of Mount Bonete. From this mountain, we will see the impressive west face of the Aconcagua expedition, as well as the enormous Base Camp of the Plaza de Mulas. The surrounding landscape is fantastic; you could admire the vast expanse of the Andes. Then we return to Plaza de Mulas.Day 7: Plaza de Mulas – Penitenes – MendozaDescent to Penitentes. Transportation to Mendoza. Accommodation. End of our services.Enjoy an unforgettable hike to Aconcagua base camp with a certified local guide, Raul. Explore the highest mountain in South America, enjoy breathtaking views from the nearby Bonete summit, visit the famous Plaza de Mulas art gallery, and discover the vibrant mountaineering environment of the Andes..Argentine province of Mendoza is an impressive spectacle. How would you like to personalize your mountaineering trip from its extensive opportunities?I offer an Aconcagua guided climb to reach a peak of about 7000 meters above sea level.We will meet in the city of Mendoza and travel together to the mountain (probably a 2-3 hour trip). On our first day, we will hike and acclimatize to the conditions and altitude.You can choose from several different picks from the beautiful “Cordón del Plata” range, including; Cerro Stepanek, Cerro San Bernardo, Cerro Santa Elena, Cerro Adolfo Calle, etc.It is also up to you which accommodation you would like to use; we can camp in the mountains under the incredible sky full of stars or rest in a comfortable mountain lodge.Given its location, you can’t leave Mendoza without trying some great local wines, best paired with a traditional barbecue. An Asado offers you a selection of grilled meats to choose from.This is your chance to customize your journey through the stunning and wild Mendoza landscape and reach the top of a 4000m mountain. Register now if you want to be a part of this exciting excursion; I can’t wait to share this experience with you!