Aconcagua Expeditions – Aconcagua is Magical

With 1000 mountains and peaks, the landscape of the Argentine province of Mendoza is an impressive spectacle to perform an Aconcagua Ascents. How would you like to personalize your mountaineering trip from its extensive opportunities?I offer a two-day trip to the mountains to reach a peak of about 4000 meters above sea level.We will meet in the city of Mendoza and travel together to the mountain (probably a 2-3 hour trip). On our first day, we will hike and acclimatize to the conditions and altitude. Here begins our Aconcagua climbOn the second day, we will reach the top of the mountain, enjoy incredible views of the surrounding mountainous landscape.You can choose from several different picks from the beautiful “Cerro Aconcagua” range, including; Stepanek, San Bernardo, Santa Elena, Cerro Adolfo Calle, etc.It is also up to you which accommodation you would like to use; we can camp in the mountains under the incredible sky full of stars or rest in a comfortable mountain lodge.Given its location, you can’t leave Mendoza without trying some great local wines, best paired with a traditional barbecue. An Asado offers you a selection of grilled meats to choose from.This is your chance to customize your journey through the stunning and wild Mendoza landscape and reach the top of a 4000m mountain. Register now if you want to be a part of this exciting excursion; I can’t wait to share this experience with you!If you are in the region, then consider joining me on this 1-day 4-peak hike through beautiful mountainous landscapes and with great company. Or, if you’re interested in a more significant challenge, take a look at this incredible 8-day climb to the epic 5968m peak of Cerro Plata in Mendoza!Overall this was a fantastic hike. You get jaw-dropping views and can take different routes according to your fitness level and interest. I enjoyed our quick stay at Plaza de mulas camp, where we met several people who were acclimating for their ascents to the higher peaks. Also, we enjoyed our time with Peter. Thanks to his funny personality and exciting conversations (also fluent in English, which helped in my case), the time we spent together passed too quickly. Even before the start of the trip, he gave us a lot of proactive advice when we wanted to choose a route that fulls our demands and then helped us find places to get some extra gear. During the trip, and thanks to Joaquín’s deep knowledge of the region, he adapted the route we were taking when my friend suffered from altitude sickness. Also, a big plus was the excellent food we had during the trip, including homemade carrot mayonnaise (fantastic!) And the Asado we prepared the first night, which was the best meal we had in Argentina. Climbing Aconcagua is something unforgettable