Aconcagua Expeditions experience

From Independencia, one of the last places sheltered from the wind (relatively), the route ascends a short hill in a few meters, above a snowfield, to go out towards a long crossing, with a marked path and a slight slope, which crosses above of the great haul, and that finally leads to the foot of the upper part of the great haul (the canaleta), at 6600m approx. It is How to Climb Aconcaguarecommended to review details on the normal route. Some take the “gutter” to the left, others to the right. The truth is that the footprint is lost and erosion and loose material multiply. Little rock that can be trusted. You must concentrate on reducing the fall of material towards others that go below, and at the same time, avoid colliding with any material that comes from above. Long, slow, loose, tedious, a test to the head, to the resistance, to the patience. This last fight takes very variable times according to the mountaineers. A conservative time is no more than 5 hours for these last 300m to 400m of difference in altitude that separate us from the highest point.Finally, you access the dividing hill between the north and south summits (the neighing of the guanaco*). Once this point is won, there is no doubt that what remains is really little, and the spectacle is such that, against what may eventually be a severe Mount Aconcaguaheadache, we cheer up. In the portezuelo you can feel the eerie emptiness of the south, which can be seen from above, on the summit edge; from there we feel the maelstrom of that slope that is not a slope, of that esthetic cliff, bombastic and encompassing, that swallows the spaces, towering downwards.¼h, and the maximum point of such a tremendous mountain mass is reached. The Andean ceiling extends spaciously, wide, as it is throughout the hill, to the rhythm of the almost infinite arches that we imagine from the curvature of the earth, observed from such a great height See photo 4. The Andes chain in a radius that borders 200km, and that sensation of slight rocking of the earth; the Pacific See photo 4, the Argentine plains that are discovered, the Tigre Cerro Aconcaguamountain range to the east, an enormous setting. Ineffable. To know updated data on the cost of the permit to climb Aconcagua, we recommend consulting the page of the Aconcagua Provincial ParkTo hire mule service go to the agencies located in Puente del Inca or Penitentes; In Punta de Vacas there are muleteers that offer services, but given the length and cost of the expedition, it is advisable to deal with agencies that respond to specific contingencies. Aconcagua AscentsThe reference price for the freight transport service, in agencies: cargo mule to Plaza Argentina US$400, saddle US$750; each mule transports up to a maximum of 60 kilosDo not leave equipment in sight in high camps. It is inevitable to leave equipment in camps when there are portages, but avoid leaving the most valuable when porting, and as hidden as possibleIn Plaza Argentina there is a doctor and all the necessary supplies that such a populated base camp should have (for those who are interested in the level of services: it is excellent).The Aconcagua Provincial Park has a regulation, it is convenient to read it to avoid fines.