How does the Aconcagua expedition affect your trekking skills?

Going without any preparation and determination will feel daunting. After all, you must hone your skills before going on an expedition. Aconcagua’s climb is very challenging. You need to have a specific skill set. Going on this expedition will test your skills to the fullest, and you will come out as a more robust and better trekker. The weather and the steep slopes will make you push yourself; remember, not everyone succeeds at reaching the summit. So prepare yourself and go on these exciting expeditions with all your heart!

It would help if you prepared well.

 Before going on this expedition, you need to prepare yourself mentally & physically.
  • Start by including some form of activity. Be it sports, running, or aerobics, anything that keeps you helping and helps develop your stamina.
  • Introduce weights: Start incorporating weights into your daily routine. During the expedition, you will carry some weight on your back while walking and climbing, so prepare accordingly. Start with light weights and gradually increase the weight.
  • Train on mountains: train your body on slopes and mountains. Be mindful of how you practice with weights here. Gradually increase the activity and weights.
  • Climbing smaller mountains, trekking for long hours, and walking on slopes with some weight will benefit you during the expedition. Challenge yourself to push in more hours and lift heavier. It is essential not to get injured. An injury will further delay your expedition, and you will have to practice again after recovery.

Prepare yourself mentally

 A big part of a successful expedition has a strong will and determination. You may feel uncomfortable; amid storms, you might feel homesick or have to spend a day or two in a tent with strangers. You must walk out of your comfort zone, knowing this is a part of the journey. The destination will be worth it. Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Have a good diet. These small things make a huge difference. 

What to expect

The Aconcagua expedition is physically and mentally demanding. More than 15 days at a high altitude is not something everyone can do. There are varying steeps and unpredictable weather conditions. Some nights you might feel altitude sickness; some days, you may be too tired to trek ahead. The entire trek is a little challenging, so if you are a beginner with no prior experience in mountain climbing, it may be hard to reach the summit. More than half of the people can’t reach the summit due to altitude sickness and unforeseen weather conditions. 


Not every expedition is the same. The Aconcagua hike will be different each time! Your skills will be tested every time, like it is your first expedition. It’s better to trust experts and only believe in proven facts. You can, however, make everything happen according to the plan. It’s best to be prepared for whatever will come your way. Climbing Aconcagua will affect your skills, and you need to prepare well. It’s all about practice, patience, and sheer determination to reach the summit.