Aconcagua Expeditions – Other Options Besides Aconcagua

If you love the mountains and want to live an unforgettable adventure near Cerro Aconcagua, this trip is for you. Follow me on this 8-day expedition to the summit of Cerro Plata in Mendoza!Cerro del Plata (5955m) is the highest peak in the Cordón del Plata, a small sub-range of the Andes. Due to its demanding terrain, it is often climbed by mountaineers who want to prepare for Aconcagua.This 8-day mountaineering expedition combines altitude and verticality. After a challenging ascent, we will reach the top of the impressive Cerro Plata. The views from its top are breathtaking! In addition, we will sleep in mountain shelters surrounded by fabulous landscapes!Please note that this alpine adventure requires high mountain experience and a good level of fitness! Of course, I will be there to help and guide you every step of the way.If you want to climb Aconcagua cheap and if you’re going to try a challenging mountaineering trip in Argentina, contact me. Let me guide you to the summit of Cerro Plata in Mendoza!During this 8-day mountaineering program in Mendoza, I will help you get to Cerro Plata. To make the most of the days, we must first acclimatize well. That is why we will begin our trek in the Vallecitos region, a great “mountaineering school” in Argentina.Cerro Plata is located on the famous Cordón del Plata, a mighty mountain range with several snow-capped peaks. It is 80 km from the city of Mendoza. This place offers a wide variety of climbing trips for all levels. That is why this program works perfectly as a preparation for a more significant objective, for example: climbing the Lanín volcano.During this expedition, we will climb between 3000 and 4000 meters in the first days. Finally, we will conquer the summit of Cerro Plata at 6000 meters high. Once there, you will enjoy a magnificent view of the entire Cordón del Plata mountain range.You will find more details of the day-by-day itinerary at the end of this description. The best time to climb Cerro Plata is from November to March, during the summer months.A transfer will take us from the city of Mendoza to Vallecitos. Here is an area where we have to register before starting the climb. On the way, we will find a great variety of mountain refuges with excellent facilities and services, where we can spend the first three nights. Some of them are the shelters of the University of Cuyo, San Bernardo, or Many.Then we will start with a short walk through the “Las Veguitas” camp (3200 m) to the “Piedra Grande” camp (3600 m), where we will rest and share some mates before returning to the mountain refuge. This walk will help us get used to the environment better.Today we will try to reach the San Bernardo and Mausy peaks. In this way, we must get up early and after breakfast start the walk. We will cross a stream and meander through a pebble-covered terrain to the edge of the mountain, where it becomes a stone terrain leading to San Bernardo’s peak. This climb will last about 3.5 hours. After another hour, we will reach the top of Mausy mountain (4569 m)