Aconcagua Expeditions – When is it best to climb Aconcagua?

At that time I had begun to climb hills with the Regatas group, directed by Gustavo Cunietti, my dear and admired friend, who, among other things, reached the summit in Aconcagua, climbing the South Wall, the one that has 3 vertical km of pure ice, in the middle of winter, what’s up !!! My goal at that time was El Plata, a 6,000m hill that always attracted me and that I see daily from home. I already tried twice without success, maybe next year. Aconcagua AscentsMy friend José Luis and my friend José Luis had planned to attempt Aconcagua in January 2003, but another beautiful project arose, which was the ascent of the Lanin Volcano in Neuquén and touring that beautiful National Park by bicycle, in February 2003. It was a beautiful and rich experience in all sense. I got to know a wonderful place, I climbed a spectacular volcano and I became friends with Sergio, Hugo, Jorge and Nino.In March 2003, we started training for Aconcagua with José Luis, Sergio and Hugo, thinking of January 2004. I contacted Fernando Santamaría at the Italian Hospital. He was a medical visitor and told me about his project at the Circulo de Montaña in relation to with the Medical Circle.We began to go to meetings and climb foothills with an established Aconcagua Argentina program that culminated with El Plata in December and Aconcagua in January 2004, later moving on to February, in the first fortnight. The Mountain Circle group was large, between 10 and 15 people who completed 80% of the established program: Fernando, Constanza, Esteban, Graciela, Belén, Eduardo Morales, Eduardo D’Angelo, Mario, José Luis, Sergio, Hugo, Gladys myself and others, whose names I don’t remember now. Several of them were in the Mountain Guides School.For reasons of schedule and work I trained alone. From March to October I ran the road with Jack, my beloved German Shepherd, 10 km twice a Aconcagua week, biked 20 km once a week and swam 40 pools in Races (1 km) once a week. As a group, we climbed a hill between 2,000 and 5,000 meters per month and we climbed Cerro Arco once every fifteen days where we went with José Luis, by bike from his house. From November to january, he ran three times a week, biked twice, swam once, and climbed the Arch every Sunday. Therefore for three months he trained every day!!! I think this was the key to my performance. I came across many who ran, but 80% were under 30 years old, at that age everyone runs, the merit is to continue doing it after 50. In January Dr. Carlos Esterlich performs a very demanding ergometry on me at the Regatas club , giving me the go-ahead for the attempt. He also contracted life insurance, so that my children could maintain their current standard of living until they graduated, if something happened… as you can see, I am not so unaware