Aconcagua Expeditions – Is it better to climb Aconcagua in winter?

The situation in the camps has similar characteristics. In the year 2002 some 5,932 visitors entered the base and high camps, most of them climbers with the intention of reaching the summit, and a small portion to do other sports variants. In 2012 that number was close to 7,000 visitors, and although in this last year the number of visitors decreased, the authorities seek to increase their number, since the collection of the Aconcagua Park represents almost all of the total collection and maintains to the rest of the reservations. Except for the salaries of permanent plant rangers, despite being obliged by provincial law No. Aconcagua Guided Climb 6045/93. To all this, the money collected is invested without evaluating the efficiency of the expense, and by paying the expenses of the rest of the system without knowing the specific destination of the expense, it probably also finances activities that are not related to them but to the activity general public distribution. For several years and various government efforts, OIKOS and other organizations have been asking the authorities to deliver the information corresponding to the detailed spending schedule for the maintenance of the system of protected natural areas, without any success so far.Let us remember that a few years ago a Director of Renewable Natural Resources was charged with fraud against the public administration for diverting expenses for personal purposes and other expenses not authorized by law. For this reason, it is necessary that the Aconcagua Expedition authorities make transparent the process of purchases and expenses related to protected areas, as well as the rest of the activities carried out by the State, in order to understand how, for example, we spent in just a couple of years having a surplus system due to the collection (at least so declared), to another deficit and that can hardly be maintained. Perhaps the problem is not a lack of money, but its misallocation. But without this key information it is impossible to reach an objective conclusion.Helicopter or mules?Historically, the ascent to Cerro climb Aconcagua was carried out with the help of the mules, which carry the loads to the so-called Base Camps, alleviating the effort of the climbers who concentrate all their strength on reaching the summit. Park rangers, rescuers and other activities that are installed each season used the mules to move their equipment. The rescue of injured climbers or those with health problems was carried out by the Lama Squadron of the Air Force, and the feats carried out to rescue injured people and evacuate them to safer places are countless.