Aconcagua Expeditions – How long does an expedition to Aconcagua take?

Aconcagua is the highest peak in America. Its 6962 meters of height rise majestically between the Principal mountain range, which is part of the Andes and separates Argentina from Chile.Although it is widespread that the mountain is shared by Chile and Argentina, the truth is that it belongs entirely to the Argentine side, where the entrance to the Park is and where the best views are obtained.The closest city to Aconcagua is Mendoza. The capital of beauty and Malbec wine, lives away from the glamor of this mountain, because it cannot really be seen from the city. You have to travel part of National Route 7 to see the top for the first time, surely covered in snow.During the first kilometers it is possible not to see the mountain clearly, since sandstorms are common and the air is not clean.  Aconcagua trekYou have to keep in mind that the entire region surrounding Mendoza is desert. If you get there by plane you will see it right away. There is very little vegetation, so the water is really well used. The entrance to the Aconcágua Provincial Park is about 185 kilometers from Mendoza and comprises more than 70,000 hectares that protect and conserve the fauna and flora of the area.Trekking AconcaguaFrom the first moment you will see impressive images. Each mountain is different from the next, they have dozens of colors and different shapes. In addition, the meltwater river has formed impressive vertical walls over the years.It’s hard not to want to stop at every corner to take photos or videos. In addition, you will immediately discover a train track, which is no longer used. That road accompanies the road all the way, sometimes very close and others in the distance, but they never separate.One hopes that at some point a train will pass by, but ends up disappointed when one sees the track invaded by stones or cut by some landslide. In El Puente del Inca you will pass over the tracks. Due to the distance and the fact that the road has innumerable curves, it is important to leave Mendoza soon. The journey, without stopping, is almost three hours. You can do it on a previously contracted excursion, at the hotel or at any agency, by bus or on your own.Excursions usually include stops at outstanding places such as El Puente del Inca or the Potrerillos reservoir.The Buttini company makes the route between Mendoza and El Puente del Inca (just a few meters from Aconcagua) every day, making the first departure at 6 in the morning and the last return at 8:00 p.m. You can buy the ticket online.Aconcagua Mountain GuidesThe trip runs entirely along National Route 7 and is not heavy, since the landscape is spectacular. Of course, doing it in summer is not the same as doing it in winter, when it can become dangerous or impossible, depending on the state of the road.