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Reservations, cancellations and refunds policy Economy Booking Flexible Booking Premium Booking
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Prepayment to reserve:
→ amount to reserve a place in an expedition
→ additional cost for Flexible or Premium booking upgrade
→ total amount to send as prepayment(5)
USD 450
USD 450
USD 450
USD 199
USD 649
USD 450
USD 299
USD 749
It allows departure date change in the same season (1) (subject to availability) NO YES YES
In case your expedition doesn’t reach the summit, you will have the following discount (2) to join another expedition in a departure date chosen by Acomara 20% 35% 50%
In case your expedition doesn’t reach the summit, you will have the following discount (2) to join another expedition in any departure date 10% 20% 30%
In case of cancellation, your available credit (3) expires in 1 year 5 years 10 years
Refundable amount of money from your available credit (4) NO 35% 50%
Penalty(3) in case of cancellation:
→ cancellation made with more than 90 days before arrival
→ cancellation made between 90 and 31 days before arrival
→ cancellation made between 30 and 8 days before arrival
→ cancellation made within 7 days before arrival
USD 300
USD 350
USD 400
USD 450
USD 150
USD 300
USD 400
USD 50
USD 100
USD 390
Available credit valid for hiring different services than the ones hired originally NO YES YES
100% transferable credit (1) for the present season NO NO YES
100% transferable credit (1) for following seasons YES YES YES
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Please, pay attention to this:

AVAILABLE CREDIT: In case you cancel your expedition or any other additional service (it is required a written confirmation from the email of your booking form) you can have an amount of available credit according to the reservation type you have chosen (Economy, Flexible, or Premium).

(1) It is required a written confirmation with at least 30 days of anticipation sent to info@aconcaguaexpeditions.com

(2) This credit is non-transferable and valid ONLY to join another open expedition by the Normal Route in the following season and it is applicable only if during the ascent, your guide considers that the conditions are unsafe to continue (bad weather conditions, bad route state, etc.) and the entire group has to descend in advance. Only in these conditions you will be able to use your discount. Discounts apply on regular prices, they do not apply on promotional prices (early booking price, hot sale, last minute offers, etc.). Discounts are valid only if you book your spot with at least 120 days of anticipation prior to expedition departure date.

(3) It is required a written confirmation sent to info@aconcaguaexpeditions.com from the same email stated in the reservation form. A penalty will be charged for cancellation, according to the total amount sent as prepayment and pursuant to the information in this document.

(4) Refunds consist of up to 50% of your Available Credit (according to the reservation made: Economy, Flexible or Premium). Refunds apply from available credit, not from the prepayment received. Refunds are made within 15 days from having been requested in writing and they are exclusively deposited in the client’s PayPal account; after receiving this deposit, the Client does not have available credit anymore. Acomara will pay all transference expenses of PayPal of the refunds. Refunds are not made in cash or any other means.

(5) TAX AND FEES ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THESE PRICES. Prepayments and balance payments made in cash in Mendoza have No Tax neither Fees. The 7% Tax is applicable to prepayments made by banking transferences, banking deposits, debit cards, credit cards or PayPal credit. For safety reasons, all credit or debit card transactions are exclusively handled by PayPal. Bank transference expenses and 5% PayPal Fee are not included neither in the tax nor in the price; all expenses will be deducted from the prepayment. Electronic payments or transferences are not accepted for paying the final balance. Bank transferences, debit and credit cards are not accepted in Mendoza. The only payment method available in Mendoza is CASH.

In case you use your credit, when using it, the current prices at the moment of doing the new reservation will be valid. The conditions written in this document are not valid for Argentinean citizens.

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