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  • Traverse Route
  • Guanacos Route
  • Two Faces Route (descending via Normal Route)
  • Direct or Original Route


Enjoy yourself climbing the highest peak in America up the best-known route to the summit. You can join our expeditions and live this unforgettable experience safely and reliably. Look at the details of the complete expedition to climb Aconcagua (itinarary, services, guides, cost), since the adventure has already started.


The other face of Aconcagua, impressive and awesome. The mountain here has steep and cold slopes, and the climbing endevour is no longer the only goal. The technical difficulty increases and the adventurous spirit surfaces. This route has different options to climb Aconcagua. Look at the details of the complete expedition (itinarary, services, guides, cost), since the adventure has already started.

*Open Expeditions

The Open Expedition has pre-established departure dates and you share it with other people of around the world. This is the best choice for someone who comes alone or with a small group to attempt to reach the summit and a good opportunity to enhance your expedition with a rich cultural and human exchange.

**Private Expeditions

The Private Expedition are characterized because you choose the date of departure and you share it only with your fellow climbers. Most of the services are included and you have your own guide, which is very important as he will provide you with vital information, security and ensure a harmonized rhythm in your climb.

MONT ACONCAGUA - Expéditions, information, guides, ascensions - Argentine

CERRO ACONCAGUA - Expediciones, información, guías y logística - Argentina

ACONCAGUA BERG - Expeditionen auf den Aconcagua und vollstandige Information uber den Berg - Argentinien

MONTE ACONCAGUA - Spedizione - escursione - informazione - guide e logistica Salita alla cima e trekking Argentina

CERRO ACONCAGUA - Expedições - informação - serviços guias e logística - Ascensão ao cume e trekking - Argentina