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Best Aconcagua climbing companies is one of the best Aconcagua climbing companies. It´s a vision come true. We live in the mountains, at the foot of Aconcagua, and we know about it. We know about its importance all over the world and the desire of every climber to reach its summit. That is why our goal is that you achieve yours; therefore, we offer you all our logistic support and invite you to form part of our Aconcagua expeditions.

Our staff is composed of a multidisciplinary group of experts in mountain climbing, tourism and e-business, so as to achieve the best combination for you to plan your expedition to Mount Aconcagua in the safest and most reliable way through the Internet.

Out team proposes an adventure with the safety and support of a prestigious local company.
Montevideo 545 – 4th Floor (Offices)
Ruta Panamericana S/N (Logistic Center)
Mendoza – Argentina
Authorized by the Ministry of Tourism – Government of Argentina.

Social Responsibility and Community Engagement

In such a complex and competitive world, companies must manage their business in a creative and efficient way, but also in a responsible way. They are decisive figures in the development process of any country, therefore, bigger responsibilities and commitments to community fall on them.

From our perspective we understand that the Business Social Responsibility is a gradual, integral and strategic process, related to business management. This process conceives the companies as jointly responsible for sustainable development of society. Besides generating economic growth, they should also generate value and environmental and social development, looking for the preservation of the planet´s resources.

That is why, since this company was created, we have always implemented different actions linked to Social Responsibility, within the field in which we work:
-Creation of genuine employment
-Investment on the personal and professional progress of our coworkers.
-Close relationship with our customers.
-Active participation in associations and forums.
-Leadership in commitment to environment.
-Community development, specially children with insufficient means of support.
It is in this last point where we have done many actions aimed at collaborating with associations which take care of Argentinean kids, particularly in the most deprived sectors.

Friends of UNICEF Since our firm started, we perform a considerable donation to UNICEF Argentina every month , which action is directed to the care of pregnant mothers, babies and children of the most deprived sectors. For more information about UNICEF Argentina visit

Donations to schools

We carry out donations to elementary schools every year , especially in areas close to Aconcagua Park: Uspallata and Puente del Inca.

Supporting Brazos Abiertos refuge (Open Arms refuge)

Some areas in Mendoza are really poor, such as Panquehua, in the department of Las Heras. A small dining hall started working here 18 years ago, by the initiative of this sublime person who is Mrs. Mercedes (Nidia) Soto, she started providing lunch to 28 children. Nidia, social worker and owner of the house where the dining hall was installed, dedicates entirely to the social service of that area, taking in families with their problems, their judicial consequences, and above all the attention to children, who are always the most damaged ones on these deprivation circumstances. Brazos Abiertos is the name of this deed which grew in number and work, with the cooperation of many companies, whether private or state owned.

This deed evolved in such a way that today three hundred children and fifty adults, among elderly people and pregnant women eat in this refuge every day. In the annexed shelter, thirty kids from cero up to fifteen years old and six mothers live permanently. Sixty kids and ten adults have dinner there as well.
Not only do we collaborate in a financial or material way, but we also try to inculcate the love for nature and mountains in children, through talks or trek outings, since we truly believe that mountaineering helps develop virtuous values.

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